The Hebrew Names and Titles of the Creator of the Universe--

The Father and Messiah of Israel


Greek philosophy, Greek culture, and Greek Gnostic belief that came from the Garden of Eden through Lucifer, was creeping into the assemblies of the early believers in the Jewish Messiah Yahushua/Yeshua as early as the middle of the first century C.E. (Common Era).  Since the days of Antiochus IV Epiphanes and his rule over the Levant (175-164BCE--Before Common Era), the Jews had battled the attempts of Greece to Hellenise them--to force Greek culture and religion on them.  After the Greeks came the Romans.  The Romans tolerated the Jews up until 132CE--the time of the Simon Bar Kochba Rebellion--and then severe persecution began.   At that time also, Emperor Hadrian forbade the reading and teaching of the Torah, and the true believers were not allowed to go to the synagogue anymore with the Jews for their instructions in the righteousness of Yahuweh/Yahweh--the Father.  The enemy took the advantage, and from this point, paganism increasingly mixed with the true Gospel of the Messiah.    


Paul (Rav Sha’ul) and the other Apostles constantly battled the twisting and perverting of truth, which was creeping into the Messianic belief left to us by Messiah Yahushua at His ascension.  An “end-time remnant” of His people are now returning to that faith that He left us at His ascension—HalleluYAH!!!


Gnosticism says that each man is a god, being illumined by Lucifer through Eve, and that all revolves around what a man thinks.  It is the basis of humanism, evolution teaching, and the New Age religion of today--the “I am” thinking that is ruling the world.  Gnosticism says that Lucifer illumined Eve in the Garden of Eden with gnosis (knowledge) from the tree of good and evil, and therefore he is the good god.  But, Yahuweh, the Elohim (God) of Israel, was considered to be evil for not sharing the knowledge with Eve.  According to Gnosticism, Eve was the chosen one, and Adam was her son.  Paul was condemning Gnostic teaching that had come into the assemblies, when he said, “Adam was formed first, and then Eve”.  (I Timothy 2:13)  This basic sun god teaching is still alive in the Roman Catholic Church and her daughters, with Mary exalted as the Illumined Queen of Heaven, and Jesus in her arms, as her dependent little son.  (Note:  Notice the “halo” around her head, and sometimes around Jesus’ head in those Catholic pictures?  That “halo” stands for the illumination of the sun god). 


Lucifer means: the “shining one”, the “illumined one”, or “the light bearer”.  “Satan appears as an angel of light, and his messengers also appear as angels of light--II Corinthians 11:14-15.  Lucifer is the name of Satan with this shiny façade.  Today, the top elite world rulers, through many organizations, worship Lucifer as their Illumined god. 


Thus, the first century Hellenists--Greeks who wanted to impose Greek culture (including their Greek Democracy) on the world—liked the idea of a free ticket to heaven from the Jewish Messiah, but they wanted no responsibility to His Father Yahuweh, or to His Instructions and Teachings in the Torah (the foundation of all His right-rulings of His Kingdom found in the first five books of the Bible).  This thinking of the Greeks coupled with hard-core Roman and Persian paganism (sun god worship from Babel’s Nimrod) later crystallized into the foundation of the Roman Catholic Church at the Council of Nicea in 325CE by the Roman Emperor Constantine.  This pagan foundation has remained to this day as the foundation of the man-created religion of “Christianity”.   Even the Roman Catholic Church and historians admit that Rome was the second Babylon in all its aspects, including religion.  Nimrod’s “tower of Babel” also included a religion, the worship of the sun god, and his mother, the Queen of heaven.   

What I will give you here is just historical fact--common, untwisted knowledge.   In my research, I always investigate to the roots of Truth, both from Genesis to Revelation, and in history, archeology and in current events. 


In making your decisions as to what to believe, always check out the tips of the roots!  If the root of a tree is defiled, the tree is defiled and the fruit is defiled, and all who eat it are defiled.  Therefore, in investigating roots, I have uncovered much defilement that has permeated Western culture in all of its aspects, which affects our lives today.  No one who loves Yahuweh/Yahweh and His Son Yahushua/Yahshua wants to be defiled, or to do anything that is an abomination to Him!!  Thus our task is to take the Truth and abide by it alone, throwing away all deceptions, lies, falsehoods, scams of man who seeks control of others, and hypocrisy--the world system and all its Babel (confusion), embracing only what is True before Yahuweh and our Messiah Yahushua.  Otherwise, if we choose to hang on even to a tiny thread of what is an abomination to Him--defilement--we too become defiled, deceived, disillusioned, controlled by man, and eventually destroyed.  (II Thessalonians 2:9-12)  Remember that Satan is the “father of lies”.  Yahushua said:  “The Truth shall set you free!  


In this free-arena of Gnosticism a “believer” in Yahushua could create his own standards of living--his own theological belief-system to accommodate his personal lifestyle.  That is why born-again believers think they can pick and choose what they want to do, as long as it doesn’t “hurt anyone”.  That is why the church-system of man has over 2,000 denominations.  Each little group, or big group, has its own laws created by some man/men for acceptance in its “group” (church or church-related organization).  Each set of instructions is slightly different, depending on what man made them up.  Some have different ideas of what constitutes salvation, whereas most have differing ideas about what constitutes good standing in their church. 


Don’t be shocked at this statement, because it is true:  Yahuweh did not start the religion of Rabbinical Judaism, Jewish Rabbis did.  Yahushua did not start the religion of Christianity, the Romans did, taking it many steps further than the Greeks.  Yahuweh/Yahushua is not a religion.  He has nothing to do with religion.  Religion is what man makes up.  Religion is what men use to harness people into their way of thinking, so that they can control people to their advantage.  The word “religion” comes from the expression “the regions of Rhea”--the mother of Zeus. 


Yahuweh has His Instructions and Teachings--His Torah for our life, health and happiness.  If we want to come to His salvation (“yeshua” in Hebrew) we must come His Way.  If we don’t play by His rules, we’re either out of His Kingdom or restricted!  He is light, and no darkness of man or devil can approach Him.  Therefore, He can only be approached on the basis of His Truth!  His Word is Truth”!  


In the Greek mind “faith” or “belief” means:  whatever you think is right, is right.  The Hebrew understanding of “faith” or “belief” is:  What you say you believe must be proved outwardly by your corresponding actions and works, otherwise you do not believe it.  Here is the bottom line of Ja’acob (James) 2:14-20:  “faith without works is dead”.  He also says that the “devils believe and tremble”, but the devils are not saved.  So, simple head belief in a belief-system saves no one.  There is no salvation without initial and continuing repentance and conformity to the requirements of the Word.  Repentance results in the cutting away of the old life--being translated out of the kingdom of darkness, into the Kingdom of Light, and thus walking as “children of Light”.   Ja’acob, being a Jewish teacher, understood that faith gets you born into the Kingdom of Yahuweh, but once in the Kingdom we are responsible to obey the Instructions of the King.  In Gnostic thinking, each is accountable to no one else but himself, and what standards he believes, unless at some point he subjects himself to a man’s teaching in order to fit into a group.


The Hellenising, “Gentilizing”--paganizing--of the Gospel of Messiah by the Greeks, led to the believers in general becoming “lukewarm” and compromising the absolutes of Yahuweh, in order to mix Messianic belief with pagan sun god worship practices.  The Greeks, and later the Roman Emperor Constantine, substituted the calendar of Yahuweh and His days of Festivals and His day of worship (Shabbat/Sabbath) for the days of pagan celebrations and the pagan day of worship--honoring the sun god on his day—Sun-day, keeping the spring and winter orgies with the pagans--to honor Ishtar (Easter) Queen of Heaven, and her son god’s birth on December 25th. 

Remember, if the root is defiled, the tree is defiled, and the fruit is defiled--a poison apple, as in Snow White’s apple.  The poison of Satan looks pretty and nice, but it’s deadly.   If we participate in the Roman pagan days of worship, which also included Greek gods and Persian gods, then we are defiled.  The Prophets warned us of these things.  We might enjoy those pagan holidays, but there is death to our spirit and soul hidden in our enjoyment.  “The wages of sin is death”.  (Romans 6:23)


“Sin is the transgression of the Torah”.  (I John 3:4)  To transgress the good Instructions and Teachings of Yahuweh is certain death.


From Fossilized Customs by Lew White, page 48: “Constantine is the connection which bonded Paganism to the belief in the Yahudi Machiach (Jewish Messiah).  Paganism poisoned the message of repentance beyond all recognition.  Constantine made Christianity the Roman State religion, but its form was far from anything known to the first followers of the Nazarene.  Constantine had to MERGE the multitudes of Pagans—who were mostly his soldiers—with the Nazarene faith, in order to control his vast empire.  This …merger of the Nazarene faith with Mithraism (Mithra: the Persian sun god), produced what we see today as `Christianity’.  He made the “cross” (a pagan fertility symbol never used by the early believers) the primary symbol of his new merger, thus rallying the Pagans around its emotional meaning.  The main issue at his Nicene Council in 325CE centered on the date of “Easter”, again the most important point in the Pagan mind when the sun `crossed’ (where we get the word and symbol of the `cross’) the Zodiac at Taurus.  Constantine confused Mithra and `Christ’ together, borrowing from the Pagan background of sun worship for every interpretation.  Most Pastors in Christendom know these things, but never bring them up.  Most don’t care.  A few are afraid that bringing it up will unravel their world”.  (Italics mine)


From Nazarene Israel: The original faith of the Apostles by Norman B. Willis, page 7: “Most Christians are shocked to learn that Christianity is NOT the original faith of the apostles.  Rather, the original faith of the apostles was known as Nazarene Israel, or the Nazarene `sect” of the Israelite worship, (or Jewish worship).  The Nazarenes were not `Christians’ believing the `Law was nailed to the Cross’.  Rather they were a `sect’ (or a subset) of the House of Israel and the House of Judah that understood it was not rote observance of the Law that saved you.  They understood Salvation to be a free gift, yet they still observed the Law of Moshe (Moses) as an outward sign of their devotion to Elohim.   `Christianity’ conversely was a name the apostles were called by a rival Helenistic (Greek anti-Law) sect.  These were probably one in the same as the Hellenists that plotted to kill the apostle Shaul (Paul) in Acts 9:29, whose descendants we think of as `the Christians’ of today.  Christian historians such as Epiphanius and M. Simon indicate that they considered the Nazarenes to be a separate (and despised) faith at least up until the fourth century, when they were finally exterminated by the Roman Emperor Constantine, who became the first Pope of the Roman Catholic Church”.  On pages 8-9:  “In Acts 24:5 we see the priesthood accusing the apostle Shaul (Paul) of not being a Christian, but:  `a ringleader of the Nazarene sect’.  Paul then argues that he is a “true Israelite” and says in Acts 24:14: “According to the Way which they say is a sect, so I worship the ancestral One; believing all things that are written in the Law and the Prophets”.  Willis goes on to show that the ones who called themselves `Christians’ early in the 1st century (the “Hellenists”--Greeks and Jews who embraced the Greek culture, and its hate for the Law--Torah) and the followers of the Nazarene or of the Way were two entirely different groups!   Later on the Roman Catholic (Universal) Church realized that they didn’t snuff out these Nazarenes totally so they created things like the horrible Inquisition which worked to finish what they started.


Today, the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church is still carrying on Constantine’s original purge of the Jews and the Torah-observant believers in Messiah--worldwide.  The Roman Catholic Church is responsible for the murder of more human beings on earth, since 325CE, than all the other religions and wicked governments put together!  They were behind the horrible Holocaust, not just in Europe, but in other nations of the world at the same time.  They were behind the 300 years of torture and murder in the Inquisition in Europe, particularly Spain, and 300 years in Mexico and the southern United States.  Their victims:  always Jews and Torah-observant believers, or believers who practiced Biblical Christianity.  Their murdering of Jews and real believers continues to this day.  In the days ahead, their victims world wide will be Jews and Torah-observant believers, including those real Christians who don’t know their Hebrew roots, but obey what they do know of His Word. 


The Roman Church was still calling the Torah-observant believers in Yahushua “heretics” up until the 13th century, when the Church figured they’d killed all of these “heretics” out, and they could rest from their slaughtering for a while.  But, today, we followers of the 1st century belief that Messiah left us at His ascension are back, and growing.  I am happy to be one of them—HalleluYah!!!


This return of the first century purity and faithfulness of the early followers of Messiah Yahushua is causing, and will cause more, a great upset in camp of Lucifer--the one world government and religion, centered in the Vatican.  They are very aware that we are back. This “remnant” of true believers who are on the earth in the days before Messiah’s second coming are mentioned in Revelation 12:17; 14:12; 15:2-3 and 22:3-5, 14 for example.  These are called “the Bride of Messiah”, and have right to stay in the New Jerusalem with their Bridegroom forever!  (Revelation 3:7-13; 22:3-5, 14)  Of course, the martyred faithful remnant of our day and the days to come, and the martyred remnant along with the faithful followers of Yahwueh and of the Nazarene in days past, will also be included in the Bride of Messiah.  These marked ones of ages ago are mentioned in such passages as Ezekiel 9:1-11 and Malachi 3:16-4:6.  Faithfulness, honor, purity, love, and obedience to our Bridegroom are the chief virtues of the Bride.  He will have no other gods or idols or people before Him!!  


His calendar and His ways are so wonderful.  His set-apart Festivals (9 of them) are exciting and fun, and their root is Yahushua, salvation, victory, and relationship with Yahuweh.  Compare these roots with the roots of paganism.   Which tree will you eat from?  Seven of Yahuweh’s Festivals/Feasts speak of the salvation of Yahushua--His two comings to earth, and the descent of the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit).  Two of them, Hanukkah and Purim, represent victories of the past and for the future.  But, again, our victory is in our faithfulness to Yahuweh.


Spiritual death eventually affects the body.  The promises of health are to the Torah observant (read the conditions on your favorite promises).  He does not promise to keep healthy those who abuse His natural rules either--Leviticus 11 for example.  He has made a Covenant with a biological people group, who go back to Eber (father of the Hebrews), grandfather of Abraham, and only by keeping the terms of this marriage Covenant can we be healthy in body, soul and spirit.


As early as the first part of the 2nd century, the pagans said of the believers in the Messiah: “you are just like us”.   How horrible!!  This made Constantine’s job much easier in 325CE when he established the Roman Catholic Church, to unite his empire around a common religion that he called “Christianity”.  Christianity was “invented” by one man, who set himself up as the first “Pope”, sitting in the “seat of god”, demanding worship as god, and honoring the sun god of the Persians--Mithra.   This is exactly what the anti-messiah of the future will do—make the world worship him as god. (II Thessalonians 2) 


The Hellenists (Hellenised Jews and Greeks alike) did not like the early believers being called “followers of the Way”, or “followers of the Nazarene”, or “followers of the Messiah Yahushua/“Yeshua”.  They wanted to Hellenise (make Greek) the Messiah of Israel. Therefore, they took for themselves the name “Christian”, after the god Christ, Christus (Hindu: Krishna--Acts 11:26.  This name was already used by the worshippers of Serapis, sun god of Alexandria, Egypt, who also called themselves “Christians”, and their leaders were called “the Bishops of Christ”.  The name “Christian” caught on with the pagans, and the true name of His followers was, for the most part, lost.


Thus they began using their god’s names and titles in the place of Hebrew names and titles.  The Greeks and Romans hated anything Hebrew, so the push was on to destroy not only anything of Hebrew culture, but also the Hebrew Scriptures, beliefs and practices, and the worship of Yahuweh, and also the Hebrew people themselves, or anyone non-Hebrew who believed like the Hebrews.  Thus, also the Messianic Scriptures, written by the Apostles in Hebrew, were translated into Greek, and later Latin, by Gnostics who loathed the Elohim of Israel, causing the writings to lose much of their true meaning.  Hebrew is a non-translatable language, because of its many pictures, word plays, and cultural understandings. 


Quoting from “The Name of Elohim”, an article by a Messianic Jewish man, Ruvan Ben Gershom, page 1: “In Hebrew thought, a name is not merely an arbitrary designation, a random combination of sounds.  The name conveys the nature and essence of that which is named.  It represents their history and reputation…An example of this usage occurs in Exodus 3:13-22.  Moshe asks the Almighty what His Name is.  Moshe did not ask `What should I call You’, rather he was asking `who are you, what are you like and what have you done’.  This is clear from the Almighty’s response.  The Almighty replies that He is eternal, that He is the Elohim of our ancestors, that He has seen our affliction and will redeem us from bondage…Because a name represents the reputation of that which is named, a name should be treated with the same respect as its reputation.  For this reason, Elohim’s Name, in all forms, is to be treated with enormous respect and reverence by all Israel, and those who have come into the faith of Israel”.    I say to Ruvan Ben Gershom’s remarks:  AMEN AND AMEN!       


Quoting from Fossilized Customs by Lew White page 18: “What does the name `Jesus’ mean?  The beginning part in Greek (IE) is the sound Yeh, which is “hail”.  It is not Yah, because it was changed.  Now, we’re left with the “SUS” part.   It may be significant, so I should tell you that the word we sometimes see in the Latin, `YESU’ (Yeh zoo) has been traced to a Hebrew word meaning `a curse be upon’.


According to the Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend, by J.C.J. Metford, page 126:


`It is known that the Greek name endings of sus, seus, and sous (which are phonetic pronunciations for Zeus) were attached by the Greeks to names and geographical areas as a means to give honor to their supreme deity, Zeus.  Examples are “Parnassus”, a sacred mountain in Greece, the Greek deity of wine and son of Zeus Dionysus, the Greek hero of the Trojan War was Odysseus, and the Greek deity of healing was Ieusus (which is a variant spelling of Iesous or the Latin Iesus/Jesus).  They also changed the names of the prophets Eli Yahu (whose name means: “my mighty one--Elohim--is Yah”), and Elyesha (whose name means: “my mighty one--Elohim--saves”), to Elias and Eliseus, (which means: “my might one--elohim--is Zeus”)’.  Lew White says further on page 18: “…the Greeks had to hear `Zeus’ in the Machiach’s Name.  If you stop 50 people walking out of a `Church service’ and ask them what the name of the Creator of the Universe is, you will usually hear them respond with GOD, The LORD, or `Jesus’.  The fact is, the word `Jesus’ has no meaning in Hebrew, and the closest Hebrew word to the Greek “sus” is “soos”, meaning HORSE.  The adversary has stolen much!”  


Quoting from Terry Seedman’s Holy to Yahveh, page 198:  “Yahshua, the Name above all names, became the name beneath all names as a result of Satan’s schemes.  The father of lies, working through the doctrines of men, once again, turned things upside down.  He cunningly assaulted Yahveh, His holy Name, His Jewish people, and His eternal plan in and through Israel.


The true and holy Name of Messiah was incorrectly rendered by early writers in Greek as ‘Iesous’…Gentile scholars began substituting Yahshua’s true Name with the Greek replacement.  The early believers were never respectfully referred to by the name `Christian’.  They were Messianic believers and disciples of Yahshua and often known as the `followers of the Way’”. (Acts 22:4). 


On page 212 Terry says: “The name `Jesus’ was never heard by the Messiah, His disciples, nor the Jews of His day.  The Greek rendering of the Savior’s true Name has

its origins with Gentile men and a pagan-rooted language.”  I have read that the Jews of Messiah’s day said they “would rather eat pig than speak Greek”.  This was a very strong statement, since many died in the days of Antiochus Ephiphanes for not eating pork as a sign of their allegiance to Greece.


Terry continues:  “That pseudo-name distorts the essence of Oneness of the Mighty One of Israel and His Son, the Messiah, making it a repulsion to all Jews”.  “One of the Serpent’s main strategies to keep Jews from recognizing their Messiah was to break apart the Father and the Son into two separate names as incorrectly rendered in the Greek…The righteous remnant proclaims with one heart and voice to Israel that Yahveh their God IS ONE with YAHshua their Messiah.” 


It was a custom of the Greeks and Romans, in adopting other gods to their pantheon, to name the new god by the name of an old out-dated god.  Thus, the Messiah of Israel was dubbed “Iesous”, the god of healing.


From the newsletter of Don Esposito, Teacher and Author, Vol. 3, Issue 4, October-December 2004: “Many ancient pagan societies had many gods and were not shy in accepting any new concept of deity as a god.  This is one of the reasons that the Romans persecuted the Jews so heavily because only the nation of Israel had a concept of a single deity.  They were looked on as poor and weak because they only worshipped one deity.  That is why the goddess Ishtar, Astarte (from where we get the word “Easter”) is also called Samaramis (wife of Nimrod), and Diana, and Athena or Aphrodite.  Now, none of these names phonetically sound alike and none are transliterations of the other name.  It was just common practice of pagan cultures to accept any new god and call him or her by the name of one of their old gods.”  He goes on to say that pagan cultures in ancient times saw the power of Yahuweh/Yahweh, and called Him by the name of their pagan deities.  That is why Constantine, in his hate for anything Hebrew, had no problem with naming the Messiah of Israel by the name of the Greek god of healing, which was connected to the sun gods Zeus, Osiris, and Bacchus (all from Ba’al).  Because Israel’s Messiah died and rose again, to the Greeks and Romans He was no different than their sun gods who also “died” in the winter (as the time of light got shorter) and were “risen” in the spring (as the time of sunlight got longer).  The pagan “mass” which was spoken at the sunrise service of the sun god at the festival of Ishtar, celebrated with eggs and bunnies, was “he is risen--he is risen from the dead”.   Sound familiar?


From the well-known historian Will Durant: “Paganism survived in the form of ancient rites and customs condoned, or accepted and transformed, by an often indulgent Catholic Church.  An intimate and trustful worship of saints replaced the cult of pagan gods.  Statues of Isis and Horus were renamed Jesus and Mary.  The Virgin was given the title Queen of Heaven and is depicted wearing a blue robe decorated with stars and standing on a crescent moon.  This image is almost identical to pagan representations of the goddess Ishtar who was worshipped by the Babylonians.  The statues of the Madonna holding the infant Jesus in her arms, which were erected in Catholic churches, are almost exact copies of the effigies of Isis suckling her baby son Horus, found in Egyptian temples.”  (Ishtar is “Easter” in English). 


This information is common knowledge, found in many, many resource books.  It has always been common knowledge.  Many people who are finding out these truths are angry.  They are angry because they have been lied to, deceived, taught falsehoods.


In Jeremiah 16:19-21, Israel says of the future:  “Oh Yahuweh my strength and my stronghold and my refuge, in the day of distress the gentiles shall come to You from the ends of the earth and say, `Our fathers have inherited only falsehoods, futility, and there is no value in them’.  Therefore see, I am causing them to know, this time I cause them to know My hand and My might.  And they shall know that My Name is Yahuweh!” 


This is what Ezekiel 37:15-28 is all about--bring back the whole House of Jacob to their roots—all twelve tribes.  This is the message of Eliyahu (Elijah) in Malachi 4:5-6, returning the children to the fathers—Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  In Zechariah 8:23 we read about these 10 “lost tribes” in the latter days, returning to their roots in Yahuweh and His Torah. “Thus says Yahuweh of hosts, `In those days, ten men of all languages of the nations shall take hold, yea, they shall take hold of the edge of the garment of a man, a Jew, saying `Let us go with you, for we have heard that Elohim is with you’. 


Luke 15:11-32:  The parable of the “prodigal son” is the story of Israel coming back to the Father, and the disgust of the elder brother, Judah.  But, by the love of the Father, both will again come together in love and accept each other at the feet of Messiah!!!!  


If you are shocked, angry, disgusted, and hurt by these facts presented here, you are not alone.  But, put aside your hurts, because your loving heavenly Father wants you to know the truth, so that you can be set free!!!  He wants you in on the Truth so that you can know Him!  He wants to bring you into the Covenant of His Son.  Santa is really Satan in disguise--rearrange the letters of Santa.  When we find out the truth, we must change to let go of what is of Satan, and embrace what is of Yahuweh. 

Note: “Gentile” means heathen, barbarian, and pagan--one outside the Covenant of Israel--see Ephesians 2:11-19 and I Corinthians 12:2.  Gentiles practice idolatry--the

belief in more than one Elohim.  If you are a born-again believer in Messiah, you are NOT a gentile!  You are in Messiah, the Elohim of Israel. 


Thus the early Greek translations of the Messianic Scriptures (misnamed “New Testament”) made many changes to the original Hebrew and/or Aramaic texts--substituting, adding, and mistranslating, and changing.  Later on the Latin translation added several new words, and changed some things.  With each translation into different languages, each one was different.  To date there have been about 350 translations in English alone.  Not one of them is the same.   


It is impossible to translate Hebrew directly into any other language because of its many idioms, plays on words, puns, and the fact that Hebrew is a picture language. Yahushua never left us a religion, let alone a pagan one called by a Greek name.  He was a Torah-observant Jewish Rabbi (Teacher).  He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the “Son of David”--the King of Israel.  It was an abomination to the Torah-observant Jews to even speak or write Greek in Messiah’s day.  He would never have been named a Greek name! 


Thus the angel Gabriel brought the Father’s Hebrew Name to Miriam (Mary), and said that her child’s Name would be called Yahushua (Yahuweh Saves, or Yahuweh is Salvation), for He would “save His people from their sins”.  Matthew 1:21


On page 196-197 of Terry Seedman’s Holy to Yahveh, she says:  “…we must realize the pendulum is swinging from the religious system of the Jews in Messiah’s day to the religious system of the Gentiles in these last days.  As stated, through the Serpent’s strategies, the name of Yahveh was first hidden by Jewish leaders and later dissolved by Christian leaders.


The Jews suffered an agonizing and appalling assault through Satan’s strategy of Hellenisation.  Antiochus IV Epiphanes’ raping and ravaging of the Hebrew Temple was a blatant attempt to “Gentilize” the world and obliterate the holy Hebrew roots.  The anti-Semitic atrocities aimed at replacing Yahveh, the God of the Jews, with Zeus, the god of the Greeks, is a core issue in the battle between Satan and the Almighty. 


The Jews in Messiah’s day were stunned by the atrocities of their recent past.  `It was obvious that to a loyal Jew, anything Greek was, eo ipso, anti-Jewish.  Hellenisation stood for apostasy. It is recorded in the sacred writings of the Jews (Talmud), “Cursed be a man who rears pigs and cursed be a man who teaches his son Greek wisdom”.  (Terry quotes from C.G. Monteflore and H. Loewe, A Rabbinical Anthology, page 145).


Terry quoting from the NIV Study Bible, 1985, footnote on Acts 21:28: “Greek men, Greek gods, and Greek names were an offense and strictly forbidden in the homes of Jews and the temple of the God of the Jews.  Archaeological findings verify the fact that no Greeks were allowed in the temple courts upon penalty of death”. 

Terry continues:  page 197: “It should be noted that indeed Paul never transgressed the righteousness of Yahveh’s decrees by bringing a Greek name for the Hebrew Messiah into the Temple of the Holy One of Israel…When Messiah was first named by the angel, and later given that name at His circumcision in the Temple, a Greek name would never have been permitted.  Jews were vitally concerned with pedigrees.  According to Jewish biblical tradition, the name of the offspring was always given with the name of the father.  It was completely unacceptable for a Jew to take a Gentile Name. 


With this in mind, the Almighty appeals to our common sense and spiritual wisdom and asks us: `What is His Name, and what is His Son’s Name?  Tell me if you know!’ (Proverbs 30:4)  The Son’s Name must contain the Father’s Name--and it does!


Let’s look in more detail at the title/name: “Christ”:  It is the name of a Greek god.  It is not a title of the Messiah of Israel.  Machiach in Hebrew or Messiah in English means “the anointed one, or the sent one” of Yahuweh. 


Here are some excerpts from the book, Come Out of Her My People by C.J. Koster, c. 1998, pages 68-71: “We read that the Greeks used the word Christos for the Hebrew Machiach (Anointed One) because “the word Christos was far more acceptable to the pagans who were worshipping Christon, Chrestos and perhaps also those worshipping Krista.  Our Savior could not have been known as Christos (Christ) among His people. The word `Christos’ was easily confused with the common Greek proper name Chrestos, meaning `good’.   The problem is further complicated by the fact that the word Christianos is a Latinizm and was contributed neither by the Jews nor by Christians.  The word `christianos’ was introduced from one of three origins: a) The Roman police, b) The Roman populous, or c) Unspecified pagan origin.  This almost sensational admission as to the confusion and uncertainty between Christos and Chrestos, Cristus and Chrestus, Christiani and Chrestiani, is well documented and shared and published by other scholars too, as well as by the early fathers: Justin Martyr, Tertullian, Lactantius and others.  This confusion and uncertainty can only encourage and exhort us to return to the only Source of Truth, the Word, the Scriptures, before it was translated into the languages of the pagans.  Only then can we find peace in the truth of our Savior being the Messiah, the Anointed--the One promised to Israel.   


The word Christos could even have been more acceptable to the Krishna-worshippers, because the name Krishna was pronounced, and still is to this day, as Krista, in many parts of India.  Thus, we can readily see that the word Christos was easier to convert the pagans with than the word Messiah, especially because of the anti-Judaism that prevailed among the pagans. 


The syncretism between Christos and Chrestos (the sun-deity Osiris) is further elucidated by the fact of Emperor Hadrian’s report, who wrote: `There are there (in Egypt) Christians who worship Serapis; and devoted to Serapis, are those who call themselves the Bishops of Christ’.  Serapis was another sun-deity who superseded Osiris in Alexandria”. 


Going into more detail on the name “Jesus” or Iesous:  It is easily searched out that the name “Jesus” is the name of a Greek god of healing, and also means “hey-Zeus”--or hail to the god Zeus.  Paul on Mars’ Hill in Athens, Greece, looked down on the temple of Zeus, which is still there for us to visit, and said, “I see the whole city given to idolatry”. Yet, today, we honor Zeus with Iesous--Jesus. 


Quoting more from Don Esposito’s newsletter:  “Personal names are transliterated, not translated.  A name may be just pronounced a little different in different languages.  Listen to a Spanish broadcast, and you will hear all Spanish words and then a name such as George Bush.”  They won’t try to translate George Bush into Spanish.  In French the name Michael is Michelle.  But, it sounds almost the same.  Don asks, “why is our Hebrew Savior’s Name in most Bibles changed from His original Hebrew name of Yahshua to the Greek form of `IE Zeus’?   `Jesus’ is a transliteration of Iesous--the Greek god of healing--IE Zeus.   This not only strictly goes against the third commandment…but it also breaks every rule of grammar.  To take Yahweh’s name in `vain’ means to change, falsify or to make common His Name.  If we are going to use the English transliteration of Yahshua, it would be in English, Joshua.  Joshua and Yahshua sound alike.  Also, every Hebrew word goes back to a 2 or 3-letter root word and has some meaning.  Yah Shua means Yahweh is Salvation, or the Salvation of Yahweh.  `Jesus’ or `Iesous’ in Greek has no root or meaning”. 

Remember, there is no J sound or letter in Hebrew, Greek or Latin.  The “J” letter and sound is just short of 500 years old in the English language.  So, His Name could not be “Jesus”, even if it was a legitimate name.  That says a lot doesn’t it?


Inserting from Fossilized Customs by Lew White, page 16: “You can easily find that the letter “J” didn’t even exist on the planet until about 1520CE”. 

I had a friend who had been a very powerful Satanist high priest but who had gotten very dramatically saved.  He told me that they use the name of “Jesus” in conjuring up demons within the pentagram in Satanism.  I know that the “New Age” believers, or Gnostic Luciferians of today, say:  “Jesus is a powerful ascended Master”.  Most religions acknowledge Jesus as a prophet, a good man, a teacher of morality, or a healer.  They have not read His declarations of Deity evidently.  The Muslims and Hindus, for example, honor “Jesus” as a healer.  They also both honor Mary as the “Queen of heaven”.  All religions are tied into Lucifer’s teachings via Nimrod in some way!  Unfortunately, even the man-made religion called “Rabbincal Judaism” is tied into the mystic, occult beliefs of Nimrod in several ways.   This inner connecting of religions along “common grounds” is making the one world religion of the last days an easy task--all centered in the Vatican, and all having origins in Nimrod’s Babel.  Who will sit on the Temple Mount declaring that he is “god”?  The Jesuits say that their goal is for the Pope to sit there as god.   Remember:  Yahuweh/Yahweh and Yahushua/Yahshua are NOT a religion--they are Truth. 


Time out for a long overdue note of explanation:  I personally write the extra “u” sound into the Names because I acknowledge the breath sound in His Name.  He is “the breath of life”.  Yahuweh is Spirit (John 4:24), and His Ruach (Spirit) is the breath of Yahuweh.  The “u” is quickly said as a breath sound. The emphasis is on the Yah. 

Hebrew, Exodus 3:14: “Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh” means: “to be, to exist--the `I AM’”.  From page 59, a footnote in The Scriptures: “The Hebrew text (of Exodus 3:14-15) reads `eyeh asher eyeh’.  The word `eyeh’ being derived from` hayah’, which means: `to be, to exist’”.  


Yet it is believed by some that His whole Name is included in Exodus 3:15 and that Yahuweh is the shortened form of His whole Name.  This is very possible because of His identification with the three that He made covenant with:  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”.   Exodus 3:15:  “Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, `Yahuweh Elohim of your fathers, the Elohim of Abraham, the Elohim of Yitshak, and the Elohim of Ja’acob has sent Me to you’.  This is My Name forever and this is My memorial to all generations’”.


However, His basic Name means: “I am the eternal, existing One--the One who breathes”. The “hawah” or “haweh” means to breath. 


From the article “The Name of Elohim” by Ruvan Ben Gershom, page 3: “In the Holy Scriptures, this Name is used when discussing Elohim’s relation with human beings, and when emphasizing His qualities of loving kindness and mercy.  It is frequently shortened to Yah (Yod-Heh), Yahu or Yaho, …especially when used in combination with names or phrases, as in Yahoshua, being Hebrew for Joshua.  HalleluYah is `praise Yahuweh’” 


However, the spelling and pronunciation of Yahweh and Yahshua is valid and so acknowledged by most Hebrew/Biblical scholars.   The importance is to get the Yah in the Name--the: I AM.  Note: More recently, most scholars realize that the third Hebrew letter of the Father’s Name, is a “w” sound, not a “v” sound--a “waw and not a vav”.  In my studies, I have come to believe that the best sound-pronunciation of the Son’s Name is Yahoshua--the “u” breath sound can also take on an “o” sound—

translated as Joshua in the English language.   I write the “u” also in the Son’s Name for mainly uniformity with the Father’s Name.  The name “Yahoshua” is also confirmed by Jewish archeologists, and is the spelling for “Joshua” in Hebrew.  In both cases, the emphasis is on the “Yah” sound.  In the book Joshua’s Altar, by secular archeologist and author, Milt Machlin, he says, on page 127: “Joshua’s original name in Hebrew was Hoshea.  It was changed to Yehoshua--Joshua in English--by Moses.  Yehoshua is the Hebrew name of Jesus also.  In Hebrew it means `God is salvation’.  `Jesus’ is…from the Greek Iesous.”  (Of course Mr. Machlin would not say “Yahweh is salvation”, because even though he is a secular Jew, he still has the cultural fear of using the real Name of the Father and thus maybe offending Him and his fellow Jews).


“Yeshua” is a feminine past participle meaning “salvation”.  It is not a proper name, but if a person realizes that, and uses it to describe His work of Redemption, calling Him “Salvation” is not a bad thing.  Unfortunately, many Messianic believers use Yeshua as a name to purposely avoid using the YAH.   They have the same Babylonian superstition as the Jews, unfortunately, so they also try to “honor” Him by writing pagan titles as:  G-d and L-rd”, which is sad.  Our Father’s Name is to be GREATLY HONORED, but not avoided! 


From “The Name of Elohim” by Ruvan Ben Gershom, page 4: “Nothing in the Torah prohibits a person from pronouncing the blessed Name of Elohim.  Indeed, it is evident from Scripture that Elohim’s Name was pronounced routinely.  Many common Hebrew names contain `Yah’ or `Yahu’, either of which are part of Elohim’s four letter Name--(Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh).  The Name was pronounced as part of daily services in the Temple.  Hebrew teaching confirms that there was no prohibition against pronouncing The Name in ancient times.  In fact, the priests in ancient times recommended using Elohim’s Name as a routine greeting to a fellow Hebrew.  However, by the time of the Talmud (various commentaries of the Rabbis—CE), it became a custom to substitute names for Elohim”.   Actually, titles, not names, are substituted--examples: “the Eternal One”, “the Almighty”, “Adonai”, “HaShem” (the Name),“Lord” or “God”.  


Yeshua is also a shortened version of Yahushua, and may have been used as such in early times.   From the book, Rabbi Akiba’s Messiah, the Origins of Rabbinical Authority, by Daniel Gruber, c1999, page 8, Gruber says:  “From about 30CE on, there were also the Talmidei Yeshua, the Jewish disciples of Yeshua”.  Rabbi Akiva (Akiba), the founder of Rabbinical Judaism, from 133CE and following, went after the Torah-observant, who believed in the Messiah to persecute them and kill them.  He called them “Talmidei Yeshua”.  On page 176 Gruber says: “The Rabbis, led by Akiba, sought to destroy the Talmidei Yeshua from the midst of Israel”.  This is when the believers were not allowed in the synagogues anymore, as Hadrian had forbidden the teaching of the Torah, and many believers became easy prey for the enemy to cause compromising with the pagans, who were all too willing to include them in their festivals, days of worship and easy lifestyle.  From this point, we see the merging of the true faith with paganism, which led eventually to the believers being swept into Emperor Constantine’s pagan Church.


Continuing on with more in-depth study on the Name of the Messiah, I quote from the Introduction to The Scriptures translation: “All the available authoritative sources and references are in agreement and clearly admit that our Messiah’s Name is Yahushua (Yahoshua), (see for instance Kittel’s Theological Dictionary of the New Testament under Iesous)” 


Here are excerpts from Come Out of Her My People, by C.J. Koster, pages 60-68 and 41-42:  “There is not a single authoritative reference source which gives the name Jesus or Iesous as the original name of our Savior!  All of them admit that the original form of the Name was Jehoshua or Yehoshua”.


 “Before we continue with our study of the words Iesous and Iesus, we would like to point out that we have been led to believe that our Savior’s correct Name is: `Yahushua’.  Our Savior said in John 5:43, `I have come in My Father’s Name’.  Again in John 17:11 He prayed to His Father, `keep them through Your Name which You have given Me’”.    


He also re-enforces that fact in John 17:12: “in Your Name, which You gave Me”.


“What then is His Father’s Name?  Although most scholars accept `Yahweh’…we are convinced that the correct form is Yahuweh.”   


Koster asks: “Why did the translators of the Scriptures not retain or restore His Names when they knew His Hebrew Name was not Jesus or Iesous?”  Good question!

Page 61 and following: “Two factors contributed greatly to the substitution and distortion of our Savior’s Name.  The first was the un-Scriptural superstitious teaching of the Jews that the Father’s Name is not to be uttered, that it is ineffable, that others will profane it when they use it, and that the Name (ha Shem) must be `disguised’ outside of the temple of Jerusalem”.


Because of the Father’s Name being in His Son’s Name, this same disastrous suppression of the Name resulted in the Greeks giving a Hellenised, in fact at surrogate name, for the Savior.  He did warn us in John 5:43, `I have come in My Father’s Name…if another comes in his own name, him you will receive’”.


The second factor was the strong anti-Judaism that prevailed among the Gentiles, as we have already pointed out.  The Gentiles wanted a savior, but not a Jewish one.  They loathed the Jews, they even loathed the Elohim of the Old Testament.  Thus, a Hellensed savior was preferred”.  “The Messianic Belief and its Savior had to become Hellenised to be acceptable to the Gentiles (the pagan, heathen, and barbaric non-Hebrew people, as well as the Hebrews of the northern tribes who had lost their identity in the nations, among the gentiles--read Hosea about the scattered “house of Israel, House of Ephraim/House of Joseph).


“Where did `Iesous’ and `Iesus’ come from?   In Bux and Schone, Worterbuch der Antike, under `Jesus’ we read: “JESUS: really named Jehoshua, Iesous (Greek), Iesus (Latin), is adapted from the Greek, possibly from the name of a Greek goddess Ieso (Iaso)’”  “…I would like to point out that `Iaso’ is the usual Greek form while `Ieso’ is from the Ionic dialect of the Greeks.”


Koster quotes from “a scholarly article by Hans Lamer in Philologische Wochenschrift, No 25, 21 June 1930, pp. 763-765.  In this article the author recalls the fact of Ieso is the Ionic Greek goddess of healing.  Hans Lamer then postulates, because of all the evidence, that `next to Ieso man shaped a proper masculine Iesous.  This was even more welcome to the Greeks who converted to Christianity…The name of our Lord, which we commonly use, goes back to a long lost form of the name of a Greek goddess of healing.  But to the Greeks who venerated a healing goddess Ieso, a Savior Iesous must have been most acceptable’.  The Hellenisation of our Savior’s Name was indeed most cleverly done.”


“In spite of attempts made to justify the “translating” of the Father’s Name and His Son’s Name, the fact remains: A personal name cannot be translated!  Satan’s name is the same in all languages.  He has seen to it that his name has been left unmolested!”


“However, let us further investigate the names Ieso (Iaso and Iesous).  According to ancient Greek religion, Apollo, their great Sun-deity, had a son by the name of Aselepius, the deity of healing, but also identified with the sun.  Aselepius had daughters, and one of them was Iaso, the Greek goddess of healing.  Because of her father’s and grandfather’s identifies as Sun-deities, she too is in the same family of Sun-deities.  Therefore, the name Iesous, which is derived from Ieso, can be traced back to Sun-worship.”


“We find other related names, all of them variants of the name, Iasus, Iasion, Iasius, in ancient Greek religion, as being sons of Zeus….Quite a few scholars have remarked on the similarity between the names of the Indian Issa or Issi, and the Egyptian Isis, and the Greek Iaso”.


“In our research on the deity Isis we made two startling discoveries.  The one was, that the son of Isis was called ‘Isu’ by some.  However the discovery yielded even further light: The learned scholar of Egyptian religion, Hans Bonnet, reveals to us in his Reallexikon der agyptischen Religionsgeschichte, page 326, that the name of Isis appears in the hieroglyphic inscriptions as ESU, or ES.  No wonder it has been remarked `Between Isis and Jesus as names confusion could arise’.  This Isis had a child, which was called Isu by some.  This Isu, or Esu, sounds exactly like the `Jesu’ that we find the Savior called in the translated Scriptures of many languages, e.g. many African languages”.


Let me insert here, “Jesus” from the James Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Greek dictionary #2424:  “Jesus: `Iesous’ (ee-ay-sooce) or the Hebrew #3091, `Jehoshua’”.    


Koster continues on page 64: “Thus by supplanting the Name of our Savior, Yahushua, with that of the Hellenised Iesous…which became the Latinized `Jesus’, it was easy to make the pagans feel welcome--those pagan who worshipped the Greek Ieso (Iaso), of which the masculine counterpart is Iesous…as well as those who worshipped the Egyptian Esu (or Isis)”.  


“Further evidence of syncretism with the Isis-system is found in A. Kircher, Oedipus Aegypticus, wherein `the name of the son of Isis is revealed to us as `Iessus’ (ee-sus), which signifies Issa, whom they also call Christ in Greek’” 


Another pagan group of worshippers could also be made to feel at home with the introduction of this surrogate name Iesous or Jesus, namely the worshippers of Esus.

Jan de Vries holds that Esus was a Gallic deity comparable to the Scandinavian Odin.  Odin, of course, was the Scandinavian Sky-deity.  This Gallic or Celtic deity, Esus, has also been identified with Mars and by others with Mercury, and was regarded to be the special deity of Paris”. 


“Just as Iaso, Ieso, Iesous was derived from the Greek for healing, `iasis’, we similarly find Isis (more correctly `Esu’) and her son Horus (more correctly `Her’), regarded as deities of healing as well as cosmic deities, or Sun-deities, by others.”


“The most disturbing evidence is yet to follow.  The abbreviated form of the name Iesous is: Ies or in capitals IHS, for in the Greek, the capitol for `e’ is `H’.   This is to be found on many inscriptions made by the Church during the Dark Middle Ages.  This fact is also well documented and is generally admitted by scholarly sources and ordinary English dictionaries.  These dictionaries bear witness to the fact of IHS (Ies) being an abbreviated for of Ihsous (Iesous)”.


“Furthermore, the shocking fact has also been recorded for us that IHS was a mystery surname of Bacchus, and was afterwards taken as initials for Iesous.  We discovered this in a dictionary of mythology and an encyclopedia of religion”.


I interrupt Dr. Koster here to ask two questions:  Did the Roman Catholic Church fathers and leadership always know of its pagan/mythological foundation from the time of Constantine?  Does the Roman Catholic Church/Vatican Hierarchy today (2004 CE) know of its foundation in pagan mythology?  The answer to both questions is “YES”.

Pope Leo X (the Pope who dubbed King Henry VIII the `defender of the faith’ is on record as saying: “It has served us well, this myth of Christ”.  “This myth of Christ” is still serving the Roman Hierarchy well, and is the umbrella for the one world religion, as well as being the breeding ground for the coming anti-messiah.  This myth of “Iesous” and “Christus” is the embodiment of the great mystery religion of Babylon, which Revelation 17 calls, “the great whore, Mystery Babylon”.   The roots are sun god worship.  The ancient hate of Lucifer towards those who worship the True One, Yahuweh, is reaching monstrous proportions now, and will be unleashed under the anti-messiah, whom we know comes out of the restored Roman Empire, from Daniel 9:25-27, and other passages.   Constantine never gave up his worship of the sun god, but took his new religion from the ancient sun god worship of Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome and Persia, and carried it forth.    If the root is defiled, the whole thing is defiled, and whoever touches it and participates in it is defiled!


Our loving heavenly Father, Yahuweh, and His Son, Yahushua, is calling us back to His roots, and the Tree of Life, His Torah.   Lucifer’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the tree of defilement.  If the tree is defiled, all is defiled about it, and we must not touch it, let alone eat it.  The religion of Lucifer has permeated all man-made religions.  And He calls to us with pleadings and love:  “Come Out of Her My People, lest you partake of her sins, and lest you partake of her plagues”.  His judgment on this whore system that is unfaithful to Him--the great Lover of our souls--is coming very, very soon!!!  We must not have one speck of that whore system clinging to us! 


This whore system is returning to its roots in the Roman Catholic Church.  That is why in 1994, a goodly number of America’s top preachers and teachers in the Evangelical and Charismatic circles wrote and signed a pact/covenant with the Vatican, to renounce the Protestant Reformation and to return to the “folds of the Roman Catholic Church”.  In 1994, Paul Crouch said:  “We should never have left the Catholic Church.  I am not protesting anything.  I will never call myself a Protestant again”.  Paul Crouch has recently said that the Muslim God is the same as the Christian God, and has even encouraged people to read the Koran.  The Pope, of course, has put his blessing on the Koran. 


History also shows that Protestantism changed little, though we are thankful for the few changes that there were!  But, it became a “fragmented Catholicism”, each church and organization having their own “pope”--ruler, controller, spiritual guru.  Man listens to those he elevates as his spiritual leader, and believes what is told him, therefore ingesting deceptions, lies, and twisted truths.  Because of the Alexandrian interpretation of Scripture, an allegorical method, man feels that he can take any verse and use it to support his own reasoning, his own position, and his own agenda.


Of course, the world rulers of today know about these myths of the Greco/Roman world, and use them to their own advantage.  Most church pastors know, from their seminary education, or at least have been exposed to the information, that the church was founded in paganism.  But, because of their money, their job, their friendship with the world, they don’t talk about it.  There are also many Pastors who are ignorant of these things.  Some blow off this information as “well, God knows our hearts”.  Yes, He knows our hearts all right, and He says in Jeremiah 17:9: “The heart is deceitful (crooked) above all and desperately wicked (sick)—who shall know it”?  Our heart deceives us into believing what the flesh wants to hear.


I want Truth!  I don’t want to make excuses for living in deception and lies!!!  He is calling us out of deception and lies, because more than even now, we need to be totally free of this counterfeit (anti-messiah) religion.  The anti-messiah will cause millions of believers to deny their salvation, and accept him as their god.  There is a real Savior, Redeemer, and His Name is Yahuweh.  He came in the flesh to die for us, and rise again for us.  His roots are in eternity past and go into eternity future.  The roots of paganism go into the Garden of Eden and have their end in the lake of fire.  You must decide which side you will join.  You can’t straddle the fence, because the horrible days to come will polarize you into one camp or the other, depending on how much you love the Father and the Son.  Our Savior is calling out to those with a Bride’s heart, to come to Him, and let Him do the teaching of the Word from now on.


Question:  How could the Roman Catholic Church and her Protestant daughters continue to deceive millions upon millions upon millions of people for the last almost 1,700 years?  One major reason:  Cause the church members to be dependent on  church leaders for their understanding of the Bible, and church doctrine! Create a “clergy” that the “laymen” are to obey, and fear not obeying.  This is from paganism, since all of the priests of the “mysteries” of Lucifer controlled the people through fear and dependency. The Church has either totally taken the Word from the people’s hands, as in the “Dark Ages”, or the Church, as it is today, has discouraged the people from reading their Bibles because all they need to know, they can get from church on Sun-day morning, or in some Bible-study class led by some teacher.  They go to man for their teachings!  They don’t go to the Ruach (Spirit) of the Father for their teaching, even though John 16:13 says: “But when He comes, the Spirit of Truth, He will guide you into all truth…He will announce to you what is to come”.   I John 2:27 says: “But the anointing, which you have received from Him stays in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you.  But the same anointing does teach you concerning ALL, and is true, and is no falsehood…”  The anointing is the presence of the Ruach, the Spirit of Yahuweh.  He is the only valid infallible Teacher!


Yet man goes to man to hear what he wants to hear.  False prophets are “a dime a dozen” now--especially in the American church.  The true prophets do not tell people what “tickles their ears” but what is truly the Word of Yahuweh!   If most don’t hear what they want to hear, they just go to another church, or listen to another TV preacher.  It is basic Gnosticism--everyone being their own god, adjusting their belief to their lifestyle.  Thus man is deceived, and receives lies and falsehoods joyfully, not knowing that they lead to the lake of fire.  My plea to you is:  “Choose you this day Whom you will serve”!     


Back to Dr. Koster’s very excellent chapter: “This revelation was confirmed by a third witness, Dr. E.W. Bullinger, The Apocalypse, footnote page 396, `What meanings of…IHS may be given, the fact remains that it was part of the name of Bacchus…’


We then realize most painfully, that our beloved Messiah was identified with the Greek deity Bacchus, by giving our Savior the surname or other name of Bacchus, namely: IHS or Ies!  Bacchus was well known to be a Sun-deity.  Bacchus was also a commonly known name for Tammuz among Classical writers”. 


My note:  Tammuz was the “son” of Nimrod and his wife/mother Samaramis from Babel—Genesis 10 and 11.  The “cross” and letter “t” shape also stands for Tammuz.  Read Ezekiel 8:13-14, and you will see what an abomination Tammuz was/is to our Father.  Not only is the “cross” a pagan fertility symbol to do with the impregnating of the the most ancient sun god.  How blasphemous of the Greeks and Romans to so mock the Jewish Messiah!


“Koster page 65:  “Tammuz, you will remember, was known to be the young returning Sun-deity, returning in the Spring.  Bacchus, also known as Dionysus, was expressly identified with the Egyptian Osiris, the well-known Egyptian Sun-deity.  Bacchus was also called `Ichthus’, the Fish”.”


 “So, yet another group, the worshippers of Bacchus, the Sun-deity, alias Ies, were conciliated, were made welcome, with the foreign-to-the-Hebrew name of Iesous, or

Iesus.  This most appalling revelation startled us, indeed.  After being enlightened about the solar origin of the word IHS and its fuller form IHSous, we are no longer surprised to find the ecclesiastical emblems, IHS, encircled by sunrays, commonly displayed on church windows”.


“No wonder that we read the testimony of the learned Christian advocate M.Turretin, in describing the state of Christianity in the 4th century, saying: `that it was not much more than the Roman Empire that was brought over to the Faith, as the Faith was brought over to the Roman Empire; not the Pagans who were converted to Christianity, but Christianity that was converted to Paganism’”. 


“Another testimony comes to us from the letter of Faustus, writing to Augustine: `You have substituted your love-feasts for the sacrifices of Pagans; for their idols your martyrs, whom you serve with the very same honors.  You appease the shades of the dead with wine and feasts; you celebrate the solemn festivals of the Gentiles, their calendars, and their solstices; and to their manners, those you have retained without any alteration.  Nothing distinguishes you from the Pagans, except that you hold your assemblies apart from them’”


Could this not be said of the worldly church system in the West today?  Yes, of course.   Ja’acob (James) 4:4 says:  “You adulterers and adulteresses!  Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with Elohim?  Whoever therefore intends to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of Elohim”.  John writing in I John 2:15-17 says:  “Do not love the world nor that which is in the world.  If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  Because all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world.  And the world passes away, and the lust of it, but the one doing the desire of Elohim remains forever”.   The modern church system speaks for itself in its attempts to please the world, and blend in with it.


From Koster, page 66-67:  He refers to Revelation 17 and the great whore, “Mystery Babel”.  She is called “mystery” because only the hierarchy of the “mysteries” of the Babylonian pagan religion were supposed to know the depths of the Luciferic belief.  That is why only the 33rd degree Masons are told the “mystery”, the secret, that is hidden to all those underneath that degree.   People like you and me are supposed to be ignorant, and controllable.  People with the knowledge of the hierarchs are dangerous to them, especially if those people worship Yahuweh!  Make sense? 


“Saint” Augustine said: “Rome is the second Babel”.  “She is described as `sitting on a scarlet beast, full of names of blasphemy’”.


Truly the whore church system is blasphemous.  I take hope in Hosea 2:16-17, speaking to the lost 10 tribes of Israel, who were more lost to themselves than to the Jews: “`And it shall be, in that day’, declares Yahuweh, `that you will call me “My Husband” and no longer call Me “Baal” (Lord).  And I will remove the names of Baal from her mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name”.   The Name above every Name is Yahushua.  For eternity we will bow before Him, not the Greek god `Jesus’.  Being an evangelist, teacher, and church leader since the age of 9, this is not a statement I write lightly--but I have to tell the truth, and live by the truth, because of my intense love for my Savior--Yahushua, and my Father, Yahuweh.


Yahushua came to RENEW the covenant of His Father in His own blood, as the Lamb of Yahuweh.  He fulfilled the ceremonial law of blood sacrifice so that the Covenant could be written on our hearts.  I Samuel 15:29: “Moreover, the `Glory of Israel’ does not deceive or change His mind, for He is not human, that He should change His mind”.  He did not throw out His eternal Word into the trash so that He could start a new religion.  Yahushua is the eternal Word, who came to establish the Word in His people!   


Returning now to Koster’s factual reporting:  “Tammuz, alias Bacchus…was also known as the Fish `Ichthus’, and had the Tau, the cross, as his sign.  These three (Ies, the Fish, and the cross) have survived, and are still with us today!”


From pages 41-42, of C.J. Koster’s book: “Rev. Alexander Hyslop, in his classic book, The Two Bablyons (1853), states that our Messiah `began to be popularly called ICHTHYS (for ICHTHUS), that is “the FISH”, manifestly to identify Him with Dagon.’  Dagon was the Fish-deity.”  That is why the Roman Catholic Church put Jesus’ crucifixion on Friday, with the mandate also that each Friday be set apart by not eating meat, but eating fish.  Notice that the Pope has a fish-mouth hat, and wears a fish-shaped ring, not because Messiah particularly liked fishermen, or that Peter was a fisherman, but to honor Dagon.  Remember in the Scriptures that Dagon was the god of the Philistines, who fell over and broke his arms, as the Ark of Yahuweh was placed by the Philistines before him!   (See Judges 16, I Samuel 5 and II Chronicles 10)

“Augustine, the celebrated Church Father, rather childishly, gave his reason for the fish symbol:  `If you combine the initial letters of the five Greek words, which are Iesous Chreistos Theou Uios Soter, Jesus Christ the Son of God the Savior, they make the word “ichthus, meaning fish, and the mystic meaning of this noun is Christ, because He had the power to exist alive, that is, without sin, in the bottomless pit of our mortal life, as in the depths of the sea’.  But, Tertullian was even more frank in his blasphemous identification of our Messiah with a fish, by calling Him `our Fish’.  Tertullian wrote, `But we, little fishes, are born in water (baptism into the Church) according to our Fish (Ichthus), Jesus Christ.’” (All statements in italics are mine)


“Why were these Church Fathers so keen to identify our Savior with a fish?  In The Two Babylons, pages 252 and 270, we read: `the Icthus, or the Fish, was one of the names of Bacchus’.  The adoration or veneration of the fish emblem is clearly and emphatically forbidden in Deuteronomy 4:15-19, and even more so once the hidden truth of the 3rd and 4th century’s idolatrous syncretism with the Fish-deity (identifying our Messiah with the Fish deity), has been revealed to us.  Yahuweh will not accept any attempt to justify this, in spite of explanations (some totally contrary to Scripture) of how the pagan deities were `Christianized’.  Do read our Mighty One’s clear warning on `the likeness of any fish’ in Deuteronomy 4:18”. 


“We also read the following findings of scholars: `The Fish is also associated with the sun…the god of the sun…as a fish, also being an Egyptian phallic emblem, as well as a sign of fecundity, or the female generative organ, or of female goddesses’”.   This is a basis within evolution teaching that we all came from the Sea, and the fish, thus doctors and others often make sport of the human fetus, saying it looks like a fish.  Also, the mermaid, half woman and half fish, is part of this pagan worship of the fish god.    


Koster goes on to show that the worship of idols and the pagan festivals all centered around sensuous, sexual and lustful themes, over-eating, gorging oneself with foods and sweets, and in general satisfying the flesh.  Yahuweh’s festivals are rooted in righteousness, peace, joy and contentment.  They bring Life, health and genuine peace! 

Pagan festivals cause stress, greed, selfishness, self-centeredness, sensuousness and indulgence, which leads to over-spending of money, and other problems in different areas.  (If you don’ have my article entitled “Joyful Abominations”, please ask for it).


Koster concludes with many quotes about the restoration of the Name of Yahuweh in the last days, from the Prophets.  Isaiah 52:6: “Therefore My people shall know My Name”.  In Zephaniah 3:9, we read:  “For then I will restore to the peoples a pure language, that they all may call on the Name of Yahuweh, to serve Him with one accord”.   The only language in the world that honors Him is Hebrew. 


The writers of the original texts of the Brit Chadasha (The Messianic Scriptures) wrote in Hebrew.  They took the Gospel to the “lost sheep of the House of Israel”--the 10 tribes who had been scattered by Yahuweh into the nations among the gentiles.  They took the good news north to the Israelite-founded Parthian Empire, and West--all the way to the British Isles, Spain, Portugal, France, and Ireland.  So, when Paul went to the “gentiles”, he went after the “lost sheep of the House of Israel”, who had long forgotten their identity as Israelites.  Thus, he went to synagogues to find Israelites living among gentiles. The focus of the early believers was to do what Messiah told them—not to go to the gentiles (the pagans, heathen, barbarians), but go only to “the lost sheep of the House of Israel” who had been scattered among the gentiles.  Look at the wording in the Prophets, regarding promises of their return.  He says that He scattered the northern tribes (house of Israel; also known as the house of Ephraim or the house of Joseph) AMONG the gentiles.   


DNA research has identified the Levite males from Aaron’s lineage.  These males have a different “Y’ chromosome than anyone else. Also, via DNA testing the house of Judah (Jews) have been identified, even to their location where they were scattered.  But, the 10 tribes of the northern Israelites have not yet been so identified, except by history, archeology, legend, and Biblical facts.  Father is working now to return the whole House of Jacob—in a representative remnant--to their homeland, the Land of Israel.  I heard that DNA research is also working on separating all the tribes of Jacob. Isn’t that interesting?  In Revelation 7, the tribes are identified. 


Matthew 10:5-6: “Yahushua sent these twelve out, having commanded them, saying: `Do not go into the way of the gentiles, and do not enter a city of the Samaritans, but rather go to the lost sheep of the House of Israel’”.  Messiah said in Matthew15:24:  “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the House of Israel”.


He primarily came to redeem the northern 10 tribes that He had to “put away” because of their idolatry.  According to Torah, the blood covenant of marriage is only broken by the death of one of the two spouses.  Therefore, to redeem Israel, whom He had to divorce because of their unfaithfulness to Him in idolatry, He had to come and die, to break the old marriage contract with Israel, so that He could rise again, and remarry her.  That is what Redemption is all about!   He is our kinsman Redeemer; He bought us back.  Now, He can join the two Houses together--Ezekiel 37:15-28—and have His Bride!!!  He came to bring also the House of Judah into the fullness of the marriage covenant.  (Jeremiah 31:31-34)  So, the direction of the Apostles and disciples was not the converting of barbarian, pagan, heathen Greeks or Romans, though some did believe in Messiah and entered into the “commonwealth of Israel”, studying Torah along with the Jewish believers and new Israelite believers.   From Exodus 12:48-49, Isaiah 59 and other passages:  If a non-Hebrew wanted to join the worship of Yahuweh and keep His Covenant, they could do that, by faith and action.  Ruth was brought into the Covenant by faith and action.  So, the outstretched arms of Yahuweh have always included all mankind! 

Let us give the Gospel to the sinner in the Names of Yahuweh and Yahushua.  Let us bring them into the Covenant of Israel, through the blood of Yahushua, the Lamb of Elohim!!!  I still give out His Gospel of salvation, and people are born again, but I always state before I start teaching or preaching to any group or individual, that I am going to use the real Hebrew names of the Father and Savior.  Simply saying it that way, you don’t have to go into any long dissertation about His Names, but you use the correct Names, which puts the born-again person much further into truth than if you taught them the pagan names, thus making disciples on a pagan foundation.  Father is merciful to the ignorant, but once truth comes, we are responsible to live by it, otherwise we set ourselves at odds with Yahuweh and Yahushua. 






As I said earlier, it is probable that His whole Name (underlined above) is included in His relationship with the three with whom He made covenant--Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and that Yahuweh is simply a shortened version of the whole Name. 


In Genesis 4:26 we read:  “Then it was begun to call on the Name of Yahuweh”.   That is way before the flood of Noah’s time.  Did His Name come through the flood? Noah must have known His Name.  But, for some reason, Abraham did not know His Name as Yahuweh, only as El Shaddai. (Exodus 6:2-3)  Perhaps Nimrod’s defiance of Yahuweh, in building the tower, and starting his own sun god religion with Himself as god, and his wife as the Queen of Heaven, and his son, Tammuz, as the first sun god who “died and rose again” according to the sun’s winter/spring cycle, most likely wiped the Name off of the earth to a great extent.  The use of “El Shaddai” – the Almighty – is even used by the Masons today.  The Arabs, however, know from their history that Israel’s Elohim is Yahweh.


The word similar to “El Shaddai” was used as an ancient name for God by the ancient Chinese, after the scattering by Yahuweh from the tower of Babel, when they came into the area of Kaifang, China today.   So, after the flood, the Name evidently fell into dishonor and disrespect.  Man lost his relationship with His Creator, and began calling Him by obscure titles.  The respect and honor of His reputation was done away with, and a new Trinitarian religion was formed by Nimrod to honor the gods of the heavens.  Today, Tammuz is still honored in the “T” shape and the “cross shape”, and his worship is hidden in the worship of Constantine’s sun god, Iesous.

Of Yahushua it is said in Psalm 22:22 and repeated in Hebrews 2:12: “I WILL TELL OF YOUR NAME TO MY BRETHREN”. The reason the Jewish leaders were so furious at the crowd as Yahushua entered Jerusalem on “Palm Sunday” was because they were shouting:  “BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF YAHUWEH”. 


Regarding the generic title “God”:  From The Scriptures, pages 1214 and 1215, under “Gad”:  “Apart from Gad, the son of Ya’acob, there was another Gad.  The astrologers of Babel called Jupiter by the name “Gad”.  He was also well known among the Canaanites…where his name was often coupled with Ba’al, Ba’al Gad, which according to the Massoretic vowel pointing in the book of Yehoshua (Joshua) is pronounced `Ba’al God’.  This same name is discovered in the ancient Germanic languages as Gott, Goda, Gode, God, Gud, Gade.   And searching further back into its Indo-Germanic (Indo-European) roots we find that it traces back to the word GHODH, which means `union’, even `sexual union’.  No wonder this meaning is still evident in the Dutch and German gade.  It is not difficult to see it in the English “gadfly” and “gadding about”.  At best it is a generic title that can be used with any god.   It does not honor Yahuweh or Yahushua.  Use Yahuweh and Yahushua with set-apart love and respect!


Neither must we use “Lord”.  In Hebrew “Ba’al” (Baal) means “Lord or Master”. Six thousand eight hundred and twenty three (6, 823) times the word “Lord” in the Scriptures should be translated “Yahuweh”, except for a few times when the Hebrew word “Adonai” is used for “Master”.  Jewish Scribes, out of fear of using the Name of Yahuweh, (an old Babylonian superstition that continues to this day among Jews and Jewish Messianic believers) changed “Yahuweh” in the Tenach 134 times that we know of, substituting the word “Adonai”.  Even today, the Jews and most Messianic Jews use Ha Shem (the Name), or Adonai, instead of His real memorial Name.  You can easily check these things because they are factual and documented.


Quoting from Ruvan Ben Gershom’s article, “The Name of Elohim”, pages 1-2: “`God’: Is this, or the Hebrew word `Elohim’, the name of the Almighty? No, it is not!  The Hebrew word Elohim tells us what and who the Almighty is.  Thus it is an attribute of the Almighty.  `God’--Is this the correct word to use as the attribute of the Almighty?  History and the Tenach prove that it is not!  `But you are those who have forsaken YHWH, who forget My holy mountain, who prepare a table for Gad, and who give a drink offering for Meni’ Isaiah 65:11.  Rabbis of old and all commentaries agree that `Gad’ is a pagan deity, as is `Meni’.  Gad is interpreted as the well known Syrian or Canaanite deity of `Good Luck’ or `Fortune’, and `Meni’ is their deity of `destiny’”.  (Note:  We know that “luck” is a nickname for Lucifer).  Continuing on with Ruven Ben Gershom’s article, page 2:  “History - Later the Massoretes vowel-pointed it and added an `a’ to give us `Gad’.  `Gad’ is used in other Scriptures--We find in Joshua 11:17, 12:7, and 13:5 `baal gawd’ or `baal God’ according to the vowel-pointed Massoretic Hebrew text.  `God’ was also a place named after their deity.  Astrologers identified `Gad’ with Jupiter, the sky-deity/sun deity.  As `Gad’ was the sun deity, `Meni’ was regarded as “Lord of the Moon”.  Later the words `gawd, gott, god’ became the common Teutonic words for religious worship. `Gawd’ and `Gott’ were the attributes applied to superhuman beings of heathen myths. 


Later on, in conversion to Roman Catholic `Christianity’, this word was then applied to their `Supreme Being’, including the `three persons’ of the Emperor Constantine’s trinity.


The question arises: Why does Israel, and Christians for that matter, use this hideous word, being the attribute and names of pagan gods?  In the Tenach, the attribute of the Creator is “Elohim”, thus we should ONLY use this word/attribute, as it distinguishes our Elohim, the Creator of the Heaven and the Earth, and all that is therein, from the pagan gawds and gods!”  I say Amen and HalleluYAH! 


“Elohim” is the plural of “El”, and often Elah or Eloth is used.  The “im” makes it plural.  He says in Genesis 1:26: “Let US make man in OUR image, according to OUR likeness”.  In Genesis 11:7:  “Come, Let US go there and confuse their language…”  In Isaiah 6:8: “Who will go for US?”  The Ruach, or “Holy Spirit” is Yahuweh Himself.  They are not two “persons”.  There is no “trinity”.   But, in eternity past, Yahushua was “begotten”.  He came forth from the center of Yahuweh and took form.  He then could manifest Himself on earth before He was incarnated on earth.  But for our salvation—for Him being able to die--He took a body of flesh, and will forever be separate in that way from the Father.  But, also in Isaiah 9:6 we read that He is called “the everlasting Father”.  He said, “I and the Father are one”.  Yahuweh is One--“echad” in Hebrew. In Zechariah, for example, it is Yahuweh who “I am returning”.  It is Yahuweh who puts His foot on the Mt. of Olives.  It is Yahuweh who comes in His wrath.  Yet, we know that Yahuweh comes in the body of Yahushua.  “Echad” is a unity word.  Adam became “echad” with Eve when they came together in sexual “unity”.  Therefore, though Yahuweh and Yahushua are ONE, they are in two separate forms for the purposes of our salvation.  We praise Him for His great sacrifice in becoming flesh!!!! 

Continuing on: From Don Esposito’s Newsletter, October-December 2004, pages 2-3: “Almost 7,000 times in the English translations of the original Hebrew Texts the translators take out the Sacred Name of our Creator YHWH and replace it with either the word God or Lord. 


God and Lord are titles, not personal names.  YHWH is omnipotent and everlasting and all merciful….”  “After the Babylonian captivity the Rabbi’s felt this Name to be too sacred to say and started to hide the phonetic pronunciation of the Name YHVH.  The Talmud tells us that they even wrote it incorrectly so that if someone was reading the Name they would not accidentally pronounce it.  We are told to praise the Name of YHVH (Yahweh), to exalt His Name and to call upon His Name.  How could we do this if we are not allowed to pronounce it?  Clearly the Rabbis were wrong and only trying to control the people!  What they started to do was take the vowels from Adonai…and mix them with the consonants for YHWH and they came up with “Jehovah”. They only used Jehovah so no one could pronounce the Name correctly.  Very easily you could see that “Jehovah” would not be the correct pronunciation as there is no “J” in Hebrew, and in Hebrew the name “Hovah” comes from Strong’s Concordance #1943 and means “ruin or mischief”.  The Name of our Heavenly Father is not ruin or mischief!” 


“According to the Rabbis who purposely write the Name incorrectly so as not to be accidentally spoken, they would only say the Name once a year on the day of

Atonement (Yom Kippur) and this only by the High Priest who would go into the Temple, but later it was sanctioned by the Rabbis that the Name could be said by all Jews, but again, only once a year and this only at sunset at the ending of Atonement.  Out of curiosity, I went to the Wailing Wall last year, where this is done, as Atonement was ending and heard the pronunciation of the YHVH as “Yahweh”.  


“Another falsehood that has come up is that the Name Yahweh is pagan because it has been found on some ancient inscriptions and possibly used by ancient Samaritans.  The fact that the Name Yahweh has been found on ancient inscriptions proves to me more that Yahweh is the true Name of the Creator, for remember what Genesis 4:26 states: `Then began men to call on the Name of Yahweh’.  So mankind knew the Name of our Creator from earliest times (from Adam’s time), even though it was lost among most civilizations, it is not surprising that archeological evidence surfaces to show proof that Yahweh is the Creator’s Name!”  (As for the Samaritans using the Name of Yahweh:  See the story in II Kings 17:24-28). 


From “The Name of Elohim” by Ruvan Ben Gershom, page 5: “The word `Jehovah’ comes from the fact that ancient Hebrew texts used to put the vowels of the title `Adonai’ under the consonants of the Memorial Name, YHVH, to remind Israel not to pronounce YHVH as written.  A sixteenth century `German Christian scribe’, while transliterating the `Christian Bible’ into Latin for the Pope, wrote the Name out as it appeared in his texts, with the consonants YHVH and the vowels for Adonai, and came up with the erroneous word JeHoVah, and sadly, due to the total lack of Hebrew understanding by `christians’, the name stuck”. 

I want to insert here, that the Arabs, even today, call the El of Israel, Yahweh, writing it as such in some parts of their tourist books.  From a tourist book in modern Jordan, entitled Mount Nebo, by Michele Piccirillo, there is recorded information about the Mesha Stone--pages 64-65.  The “Mesha Stone” found by archeologists, dates to the Ninth Century BCE, and records the words of King Mesha of the Moabites, and the capture of the town of Nebo from the King of Israel.  He recounts how his god helped him win over King Omri (a very evil King of Israel--the northern tribes).  On line 14 of the Mesha stone, King Mesha’s god, Chemosh, said to him: “Go take Nebo from Israel”.  In lines 17 and 18 it says:  I took from thence the vessels of YAHWEH and dragged them before Chemosh”.


The evil Kings of Israel and Judah made a mockery of Yahweh before their enemies by their rejection of His Torah.  For this reason, He had to punish them by scattering them all over the world to live among the gentiles—heathen, pagans and barbarians—who hated them.  To the enemies of the Hebrews, the destruction of Israel was the same as the destruction, in their eyes, of Israel’s Elohim.  In the same manner, while the world loves the money that Christians spend at the times of pagan holidays, the world still loathes the Savior.  “Christianity” as a religion does not reflect Yahuweh nor Yahushua, the El of Israel. 


In quoting from Jeremiah 48:1-9, in the same book on Mt. Nebo, it is written:  “Oracle against Moab, `O Moab’, Yahweh, the God of Israel, says this to you, `Woe to Nebo, for it has been ravished’”. 


In the Jordan Tourist book entitled, The Art and History of Jordan, on page 73 about Nebo, it says: “For according to the Bible, this is the very mountain Yahweh told Moses to climb so that he could see the promised land before dying…” 


Yes, the Name of Yahweh is known among the Israel-hating heathen, barbarians, and pagans, more than among His own people!!!




Don Esposito continues his remarks on the Savior’s Name, page 16, with a most profound question:  “It is clear that our Savior was of Hebrew stock and was, according to the Scripture, the Son of David in the flesh as well as the Son of Yahweh.  So why would we refer to our Hebrew Savior who came to redeem Israel for the sins committed under the first covenant by a Greek Name?  Maybe in the past you could claim ignorance, but now you know the truth and don’t have to be ignorant any longer.  Let us give honor to the one Name under heaven and on earth whereby all men will be saved!  Give the glory to the Name of the Father Yahweh and His Son Yahshua”.    


Isaiah 42:8:  “I, I AM Yahuweh, that is My Name, and My glory I do not give to another, nor praise to idols”.  Verse 25: “I, I am He, who blots out your transgressions for My same, and remember your sins no more”.  Now look at John 18:4-6, regarding the arrest of Yahushua in the Garden of Gethsemane:  “Yahushua, then, knowing all that would come upon Him, went forward and said to them, `Whom do you seek’?  They answered Him, `Yahushua of Nazareth’.  Yahushua said to them, `I AM HE’When, therefore, He said to them, `I AM HE’, they drew back and fell to the ground”. 


The Name I AM (YAH) must be in the Messiah’s Name also.  In Isaiah 9:6, Yahushua is called:  “The everlasting Father”.  The first 3 Hebrew letters that are in the Father’s Name are also in the Son’s Name.  Otherwise, Constantine wins, and the Father and Son are separated into two different Elohims. 


In Isaiah 43:11, we read:  “I, I am Yahuweh, and besides Me there is no savior”.  The word “savior” is “yeshua”. 


Isaiah 44:6: “Thus says Yahuweh, Sovereign of Israel, and His Redeemer, Yahuweh of Hosts, `I AM the First and I AM the Last, besides Me there is no Elohim’”.  Elohim is the plural of Eloh or El.  Here Yahuweh is calling Yahushua “Yahuweh of Hosts”. 


Also see the same words of Messiah in Revelation 1:8, 17-18.


Isaiah 48:12: “Listen to Me O Ya’acob, and Israel, My called, `I am He; I am the First; I am also the Last’”. 


Isaiah 45:21-22: “It is not I, Yahuweh?  And there is no god besides Me, a righteous El, and a Savior, there is none besides Me.  Turn to Me and be saved, all you ends of the earth!  For I am El, and there is none else”.


“Whosoever calls on the Name of Yahuweh shall be saved”.  Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13

Yahuweh says in the first of the Ten Commandments:  “You shall have no other gods before My face”.  Putting anyone or anything, or any other name before Him and His Name is idolatry.


Speaking of Yahushua:  Philippians 3:9-11: “Elohim, therefore, has highly exalted Him and given Him THE NAME, which is above every name, that at THE NAME of Yahushua every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on the earth, and of those under the earth, and every tongue should confess that Yahushua the Messiah is Yahuweh, to the glory of Elohim the Father.”  If we want to glorify the Father, we will use His Name in the Son’s Name. 


From Terry Seedman’s Holy to Yahveh, page 208-209:  “When Yahshua asserted His oneness with Yahveh, `they (Jewish religious leaders, puppets of Rome) picked up stones to throw at Him’.”  (Italics mine) He was using “I AM” in reference to Himself. 


Terry continues:  “On another occasion, He was questioned by the High Priest: `Are you the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One?’  Notice how the High Priest avoids using the Name of Yahweh?  Yahshua responds, `I AM…’  “And tearing his clothes, the High Priest said, `…You have heard the blasphemy…’ And they all condemned Him to be deserving of death”.   Mark 14:61-64  


John 5:43:  “I have come in My Father’s Name and you do not receive Me.  If another comes in His own Name (a man-made name), you will receive him’”. (Italics mine)

I strongly believe that this man-made name that was received and substituted for His real Name was Iesous--transliterated “Jesus”. The anti-messiah, the lawless (Torah-less) man will come also in the name of Jesus.  There’s just too much evidence to prove that statement, both in modern statements from the Vatican and EU, current events, and from history.  The 8th beast of Revelation 17 is a combination of Babylon and Rome.      


Because of the attempts of the Jewish leaders to hide His Name, we can understand why the religious leaders at the foot of Messiah’s stake, were so horrified that Pilate had put the Name of Yahushua on a plaque over His head--it contained, as far as they were concerned, the unutterable Name of Yahuweh. 

In Exodus 23:13 Yahuweh says:  "And in all that I have said to you take heed.  And make no mention of the name of other mighty ones (gods), let it not be heard from your mouth".  We are not to mention any other names as gods, including the titles of “God and Lord”.  Yahuweh may even be used in place of the title Elohim.  But, we must not take it commonly, or lightly, but with utmost respect and honor!!!


Once day, He will restore to us a “pure language”, with no names of other gods in it! 


Zephaniah 3:9: “For then I shall turn unto the peoples a clean lip, so that they all call upon the Name of Yahuweh, to serve Him with one shoulder”.


Hosea 2:16-17: “`And it shall be in that day’, declares Yahuweh, `that you will call Me “My Husband”, and no longer call Me “My Ba’al”.  And I shall remove the names of the Ba’als out of your mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name’”.  Therefore, at the Name of Yahushua “every knee will bow” to the honor and esteem of “Yahuweh” the Father. (Philippians 2:9-10)  The name “Jesus”, and His titles “Christ”, “God” and “Lord” will be removed from all mouths.  Think about that. 


Our Father and our Savior have had a lot of mercy on our ignorance, to say the least!  I have been born again for 54 years, being saved in the name of “Jesus”.  But, about 1995, I learned the real Names of my Father and Bridegroom.  From that time, I have dropped all pagan names and titles and only use the names and titles that He approves of.  When I hear Truth, the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) within my re-born spirit tells me what is right or wrong.  He is my Teacher, my Guide, My Friend.  He is the Ruach Yahuweh!  When Truth comes, love tells us to drop the deceptions and lies, and embrace the Truth, because He is Truth. 


The Brit Chadasha was written in Hebrew.   Every Greek translation was different...with additions, subtractions, rewrites, changes, and purposed substitutions of pagan words for Hebrew names and titles.  This is part of the reason why we have 2,000 or more Christian denominations—because of differences of opinions based on different translations.  The Latin Vulgate Bible translated by the Gnostic “Saint” Jerome, also substituted words that were never intended in the Greek, to further pervert anything Hebrew.  For example: The Greeks used the word "stauros", which is valid--meaning a pole, stake, or tree--straight up and down--no cross beam.  Jerome introduced the word "crux" (a pagan symbol), which the English translated as "cross".  It was a mockery of our Savior's death by the Roman Catholics.  He was not nailed to a pagan fertility symbol of the goddess Ishtar, the mother goddess, Queen of heaven.  Jerome introduced the Latin word translated into the English as "Law" to replace the word Torah--good Instructions or Teachings of Yahuweh.


The Greek word for the Torah is "nomos"--to parcel out food, or to graze animals. Yahushua told Peter:  "Feed my sheep"--feed them what?  The Living Word--the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings--the Tenach (Tenak)!  Yahushua was/is the living  Tenach. 


The Tenach, an acronym for the Torah, Prophets and Writings, was the only Scripture that the early believers had until many years later on.  The Brit Chadasha or Messianic Scriptures was not put together until the 5th century as a volume of writings.  By that time, many substitutions, additions and subtractions, rewrites and overwrites were done by the Church to conform it to their teachings.  That is why we have so many different translations today—many of them translated to accommodate certain denominational beliefs.  The Tenach, however, stayed pretty much the same as it did in its first-translated form from Hebrew to Greek.


Our good Father, however, has not allowed error to invade the Brit Chadasha that would cause us to be denied our salvation.  However, in many modern “thought for thought” translations and “paraphrases”, there are sometimes thousands of changes from the original Greek text, taking out key words, like “the blood” of Messiah, and other things that would cause us to know more deeply what was being really being said.  Some newer translations have gone so far as to create their own Greek text, which substantiates their many changes, additions and deletions.  The creators of this new Greek text are not believers in the deity of Messiah, His virgin birth, His miracles, even denying His death and resurrection for salvation, but men who believe in evolution, and back New Age causes, including homosexuality, and a one world government.   The chief translator, for example, of the NIV Bible is a Gnostic, and the chief editor a professed lesbian.  This is why so much of the “meat of the Word” has been removed from the New Testament, because of the sins of the translators, and their affiliations with the Luciferic community.


Also remember that you can’t read the misnamed “New Testament” with a Greco/Roman mind--it was written by Jews, in Hebrew, to Jews and Israelite believers primarily--those who kept the Torah of Yahuweh.  So it’s instructions go back to the Torah.  Also remember that the foundation of all Instruction and Teaching is the Torah.  The Prophets, the Writings are built on the Torah.  If the Torah does not, by two to three witnesses, substantiate anything—it is not from the El of Israel. 


Unfortunately for all of us, Rav Sha’ul’s (Paul) words were twisted by many to make him look like He was not a Torah-observant man, though the book of Acts backs up his Torah-observance.  (Read Acts chapters 18-26 as examples)  Peter, speaking of Paul’s writings, warned us:  “which those who are untaught and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do also the other Scriptures”--II Peter 3:15-16.


Paul, Rav Sha’ul, was very Torah-observant, as were all the Apostles and disciples of the 1st century.  Thus the Messianic Scriptures must be built on the Torah--which it is!  


Have you noticed that if there is argument by Christians against the Torah, they always quote a few verses out of context from Romans, Galatians (a book about salvation by faith) and Colossians to make Paul say things he didn’t say against the Torah?  That is odd isn’t it?  But, they have been taught by their pastors and teachers to read the Bible with Greco/Roman mockery against the Torah of Yahuweh. 


Remember Yahushua’s admonition in Luke 6:48-49.  The “rock” foundation is the pure, unchanged Word of Yahuweh/Yahushua. 


In II Peter 1:20-21 we read: “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture came to be of one’s own private interpretation, for prophecy never came by the desire of man, but men of Elohim spoke, being moved by the Set-Apart Spirit” (Holy Spirit).


II Timothy 3:16-16:  “All Scripture is breathed by Elohim and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for setting straight, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of Elohim might be fitted, equipped for every good work”.  The “Scriptures” were the Tenach--the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings, which the Emperor Constantine mockingly named the “Old Testament”.


Luke 24:26-27, 44-45, Messiah speaking: “Was it not necessary for Messiah to suffer these things and enter into His glory?  And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He was explaining to them in all the Scriptures the matters concerning Himself.  And He spoke to them: `These are the words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all have to be fulfilled that were written in the Torah of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms concerning Me’.  Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures”.


The negative-sounding Roman word for “Law” was intended by the Romans to put a further wedge between the Tenach and the Brit Chadasha, making an "Old” vs. a “New Testament" in the English translations.  The word "Law" was intended to be a mockery, as in the slur: “the law of the Jews" or “the law of Moses", separating the believers from the Elohim of Israel, Yahuweh.  The mockery of the statement: “the law nailed to the cross” was pushed in the 1940’s as a major doctrine.  In the late 1800’s, the Protestant Christians still held to the Ten Commandments, though they still Romanized the fourth one, not knowing that it was the Roman Emperor Constantine who moved the day of worship to Sunday—the day of the sun god.


But, in the Hebrew version of Matthew, copied in the 13th century by a man called Shem Tob, we find a very Torah-observant Jewish rabbi (Yahushua) who fought with the local religious leaders of the day who were adding to the Torah, and making it a man-made religion. 


Matthew 5:17: Yahushua says: “Do not think that I have come to destroy the Torah or the Prophets.  I did not come to destroy, but to magnify and expand them”.  The word translated into the English as “fulfill” means, from the Hebrew, to put under a magnifying glass, and expand the Torah into the realm of not only action, but thought and intent.   Thus, verses 18 and 19 are a warning lest anyone even change a “yod or tittle”--the smallest letter and marking of the Hebrew Torah.  Therefore, in verses 21 and forward, He expands basic words of Torah.  The Torah is good! -- It is our life, health, peace, and  joy, for it brings us into set-apartness with our Father.   What was nailed to the stake was the living Torah--Yahushua.  He took away our debts that we owed to Father for our sin--which resulted in death.  Look at the whole context of Colossians 2:14-15.  When He said on the stake, “IT IS FINISHED”, that expression meant, “PAID IN FULL”.  He cancelled the debt that we owned to the Father for our sins.  The Torah is still foreshadowing “things to come”.   The Torah talks about our day.  It gives the prophecies to the twelve tribes “in the latter years”. 


In several passages of Scripture, we are told that loving the Father and the Son means obedience to the Commandments of Torah. (John chapters 14-15, for examples)   In the Hebrew understanding of the word “love”--if you love someone, you obey and submit to them. 


From Matthew 7:13-23 we get a clear picture of how narrow the Way to Life really is:  “Enter in at the narrow gate!  Because the gate is wide—and the way is broad—that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter in through it. Because the gate is narrow and the way is hard-pressed which leads to life, and there are few who find it.  But beware of the false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly, they are savage wolves.  A good tree is unable to yield wicked fruit, and a rotten tree is unable to yield good fruit.  So then by their fruits you shall know them.  Not everyone who says to Me `Master, Master’ shall enter into the reign of the heavens, but he who is doing the desire of My Father in the heavens.  Many shall say to me in that day, `Master, Master, have we not prophesied in Your Name, and cast out demons in Your Name, and done many mighty works in Your Name?’  Then I shall declare to them, `I never knew you, depart from Me you who work lawlessness’”.  “Lawlessness” is Torah-lessness.


The concept of "grace" as opposed to "the law of the Jews" was a Roman invention.  The Torah is the “Torah of Yahuweh”.   The idea of two covenants, one old and one new, was a Roman Catholic invention. Father’s “grace” goes back to Genesis 3, when He killed the first animal and put the bloody skin on Adam and Eve, picturing the salvation of Yahuweh/Yahushua. 


The idea of "works" vs. "faith" was a Protestant invention.  Your faith is useless if you don’t work it out in actuality.  Faith gets us born again, but once we’re in His Kingdom, we are responsible to obey the rules of His Kingdom.  In fact, much of our basic Christian thinking of today has come out of Gnosticism and Greek philosophy through priests and monks, bishops and theologians, philosophers and teachers of the Roman Catholic Church in the 4th-12th centuries.  The Word tells us that we will be judged by our works, and rewards will be given accordingly. 


II Corinthians 11:14-15: “…Satan himself masquerades as a messenger of light!  It is not surprising then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works!”  Father wants us to wake up and recognize the “servants of righteousness” who are masquerading, who are really servants of Satan!  When we are in love with Yahushua, as a Bride is in love with her fiancée, then we will be able to see the wicked ones who are masquerading as friends of the Bridegroom, but are really messengers of evil.  If we LOVE THE TRUTH, we will not be deceived.  In II Thessalonians 2:10-13, the ones who are “damned” are those who did “not receive the love of the truth”. 


When a Bride is in love--the last thing she'd want to do is to pronounce the name of her Beloved wrong.  The last thing she wants to do is to be rebellious against the requests of the one she loves.  If the Bridegroom is the Mighty, Eternal, Creator of the Universe, how much more should a Bride be careful to pronounce His Name correctly.  He commands us to use His Hebrew Name.  If she is marrying a man named Charlie, the last thing she'd want to call him would be Bob, or any other man’s name.  She would put all other men out of her life, and adjust only to the one she is marrying. The third commandment or term of the marriage covenant is:  "Do not take the name of Yahuweh your Elohim in vain"--or do not make it common, cheap, and use it wrongly-falsely.  


The Ten Commandments are the basis of what Yahushua wants in His Bride--a loyal, sweet, gentle woman with a heart only for Him.  That’s what the Ten Commandments are all about--they are the terms of the marriage contract.  They are what He expects in His Bride.  He doesn’t want a Bride who puts other “men” or gods or idols before Him.  He doesn’t want her putting anyone else in His face, nor speaking His Name wrong, nor keeping mementos of other boyfriends, nor breaking their date-day (Shabbat), nor being unkind or disrespectful to others.  When you look at the basic Torah--the Ten Commandments--put that way, they make more sense.

I like to get to the roots of belief!  I don’t want to believe what some old Greek or Roman taught.  I want to know my heavenly Father.  I want a relationship with Him.  I want to know my coming Bridegroom.  I don’t want some human telling me what he thinks.  I want to hear the Word taught by the Ruach ha Kodesh—the Author of the Word—the Spirit of Yahuweh.  I want to know what is false, so that I can dump it where it belongs, and embrace His Truth.  I am so glad that many now are doing that also. 


Please study for yourself.  Let the Ruach Yahuweh guide your studying!    The King is coming, and we must align to His Truth and Names, and His absolutes.  We must not compromise and join the now-returning Greco/Roman culture, as it spreads now throughout the earth, but remain loyal to the One, True, Only Elohim, Creator of all, Yahuweh and His Salvation, Yahushua.


As ingrained into our culture as it is, “evolution” is still a deception.  It cannot be proved at all.  Creation Scientists, like Dr. Carl Baugh, of the Creation Science Museum in Glen Rose, Texas, have proved them wrong.  There is no proof that the earth is older than about 6,000 years. Ancient surgical instruments (up to over 4,000 years old) have been found in South America that are as advanced or more advanced than our modern instruments, for heart surgery, brain surgery, C-sections, and bone transplants. Yet, man believes “evolution” because college professors tout it as correct, along with other so-called intelligent men.  Thus, as a society we have been duped into believing a lie, and the tentacles of the belief in evolution have led to man thinking he is god, and thus throwing off all restrictions and responsibility to any Creator.   Man leads man astray.  We must find our Father, and learn from Him, who is all wisdom.


Yahushua said of our day:  “You will be hated by all men for My Name’s sake.  But, he who has endured to the end shall be saved”.  (Matthew 10:22)   What Name is He talking about?  He only knew one Name.


As the world has accepted evolution, so the world accepts the name `Jesus’.  The pagan Roman holiday of `Christ-mass’, for example, is celebrated by all religions and cultures, except Judaism.  Christmas decorations are all over Muslim towns, in Communist China, etc.  Doesn’t that say something?  The Word and history lets us know that Messiah’s birthday was at the Feast of Tabernacles.  He was born in a “succah” to “tabernacle among us”.  Yahushua said: “…what is highly thought of among men is an abomination in the sight of Elohim”.  (Luke 16:15)


We must go to the roots of everything we believe in order to get rid of all that our Father and Savior calls “abomination”.  If the root is defiled, the tree is defiled, and the fruit is defiled, and all who eat it are also defiled!

The one world religion is home-based under the umbrella of the Vatican.  But, the elite rulers of darkness of the world, both human and demonic, are terrified of the name of Yahuweh and Yahushua.  So, in the long list of people whom FEMA (a division of Homeland Security) says are “dangerous, potential terrorists and cultists, and harmful to the government”, along with home-schooling, anti-abortion advocates, and those who believe in the second coming of Messiah, are those who use the Name of Yahweh.  The rage of Lucifer against those who love Yahuweh and Yahushua and His Torah is mentioned in Revelation chapter 12.  But, in chapter 19 and 20, we see the end of Lucifer and his agents!!!  HalleluYAH! 


Look at Zechariah 3:1-2—Yahuweh rebuked Satan, using His own Name. There is no more powerful Name in the universe than Yahuweh/Yahushua.


It is time to get on one side of the fence or the other, “You cannot serve both Yahuweh and Baal”.   The world is already divided up into two camps.  One camp is the camp of Lucifer (Satan who looks good and sounds good), ruled by Lucifer and his elite world-leader agents and their followers, and the other camp is the camp of Yahuweh, who is loyal and obedient to Messiah Yahushua and to Yahuweh’s Word, filled with the Ruach Yahuweh.  The world is polarizing whether a person wants to polarize or not.  No one can straddle a fence any longer.  The “broad way” that leads to destruction is widening.  The “narrow way that leads to life” is narrowing.  If you do not embrace truth, with repentance for your ignorance and sin against Yahuweh, then you will surely polarize into Lucifer’s camp out of fear, or for convenience, or to maintain your lifestyle, or your life, or the lives of those you love.  There is a “mark of the beast” on the horizon, and if you are not strong in Yahuweh, you will easily fall for the deception that leads to damnation. 


Getting a human person’s name right is not so much an accuracy thing, as it is a heart thing!   How much more important is it to get our Beloved’s Name right! 


Let me close with the High Priestly blessing from Numbers 6:23-27:

“Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying `This is how you bless the children of Israel: Say to them’:   “Yahuweh bless you and guard you;

                  Yahuweh make His face to shine upon you, and show favor to you;

                  Yahuweh lift up His face upon you, and give you peace”.

“Thus shall you put My Name on the children of Israel, and I Myself shall bless them.”




Information compiled by Yedidah

First written: September 2, 2004

Revised: August 23, 2005