Simplifying the Eternal Basics


What a good time to write this article!   I have now finished it, and it is 11:00PM on December 31st 2003.  Tomorrow is January 1, 2004.  But, is January 1st New Year’s Day?  Yes, by ancient Rome’s standards, which govern the Western World, and the world system of commerce.  But, in Chinese culture, or in Muslim culture, or in Jewish culture, or by the standards of other cultures, today is not New Year’s Day on their calendars. 

What does the Only, True, Creator--the Elohim (God) of Israel--Yahuweh, and the Messiah and Savior Yahushua say is New Year’s Day?   Does Elohim say January 1st is New Year’s Day in his Kingdom?   No!  In Exodus 12:2, Yahuweh says that the first day of His New Year is the 1st day of the month of Abib (or Nisan), somewhere in March or April.  According to the Roman calendar for 2004, that begins the eve of March 22nd. 

Most Jews calculate the New Year from the first day of creation, thus Tishre 1, (sometime in September or October by the Roman calendar), Rosh ha Shanah (the Head of the Year) is celebrated as New Year’s Day.  Truly Torah-observant believers, Jewish and Messianic, celebrate the day that Elohim has set aside as New Year’s Day--the 1st day of Abib (Nisan)--which is New Year’s Day in His Kingdom. 

Our Father is calling us out of the Roman calendar system and into His Kingdom’s system, out of pagan Roman culture of darkness, and into His culture of peace, joy and freedom. 

I’ve switched to Yahuweh’s calendar, for the most part, though I still live in this world and at times have to adhere to the Roman calendar in dealing with others.  What I write in this article, and in all of my articles, and public teachings, I live.    

Many people are feeling strongly that things in this world are not right--something’s up that is not good, but they just can’t put their finger on exactly what it is.  They know that the world system has become global, a global religion is developing, and things just are not the same as they were a year ago.  People ask me for practical advise as to how to get out of the world system of Babel--the ancient tower system of over 5,000 years ago, which tried to draw all people into it, and into its religion, for world unity.  There have been many attempts at such a tower of unity, by many “world” rulers, but now, technology has made it totally within grasp--a definite reality.\

I just finished an article entitled “The New World Order”, and there are definitely at least 27 things in operation now that show us that we live under a one world government, with a few elite at the top running the lives of everyone on this planet.  I was one of many that actually heard the public announcement of the one world government’s revealing in May of 1999, on CNN and BBC.  

A pall of judgment oppresses the very air, and we know that our sins have mounted up to heaven, and the wrath of a just Elohim is long overdue.  We have been experiencing the beginnings of that wrath for several years now--in natural disasters, and stock market disasters, each one costing billions of dollars.  But, the America public as a whole has not picked up on it being from Yahuweh--the “God of the Bible”. 

People want to know how to prepare for the things soon to come.  Basically in this world, there are two kingdoms at work, side by side, with two Kings and two governmental systems, two codes of ethics, and two different Gods who demand absolute worship.  Mankind is in one kingdom or the other.  One is ultimately doomed to destruction by the other one.


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In this article, after many years of research, I present some basic facts, and some basic

options for you.  As always, in all of my articles, I will give background, history, Scripture, and reasons for coming out of the systems of this world.  I am solidly in one kingdom only, no matter the cost to me personally. I love my heavenly Father so much, and am so happy to be free in His Kingdom.   I hope that many of you reading this article will join me.   For, I am a seeker of truth, a passionate seeker of truth, and in my years of research, I have found a clear line in the sand, and have chosen to give my side of the line my total allegiance.

Most people try to be in both kingdoms at the same time, and try to straddle the line

between the two, but that line is becoming a deep gorge, getting deeper every day, and soon they will fall to their death.   

On December 25th, I was out walking all around the new neighborhood in which I now find myself for a couple of months.  I saw a Marlboro 100’s cigarette box lying on the side of a beautiful lawn.  I had just been thinking about how many articles I’ve written and how much warning I’ve given to many people around the world, on 5 continents.  Many people that I’ve been warning have treated Yahuweh’s message like the person who smoked the cigarettes in this Marlboro package.   Advertisements on the cigarette cartons, in advertisements on billboards, and on this pack warn people of the different dangers of cigarette smoking.  On this pack is says in large letters:   “SURGEON GENERALS WARNING:  Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide”.  Now we all know that carbon monoxide in a closed area will kill.  But, if a person wants to smoke these foul destroyers of the “temple of Elohim” no amount of warnings is going to change their minds.

That is called “polarizing”--getting into a camp, and staying there, no matter how much warning, or instruction in the absolute Truth of Yahuweh one may have.  My whole life is dedicated to warning Yahuweh’s people regarding the coming judgment and how they can be protected and preserve, and escape His judgment, but the reaction I get is almost always the same as the reaction that Yahuweh promised Ezekiel in chapter 33:30-33.  No matter how much warning, it is “as the days of Noah”.  It is heart-breaking to the Father who pleads with His people to repent and walk with Him, in His Covenant. 

What does Father’s Word say about these days and polarizing effect?

Here are Elohim’s words to the Apostle John regarding the Revelation of Messiah:  “Do not seal the words of the prophecy of this book, because the time is near.  He who does wrong, let him do more wrong; he who is filthy, let him be more filthy; he who is righteous, let him be more righteous; he who is set-apart, let him be more set-apart.  And, see, I am coming speedily, and My reward is with Me, to give to each according to his work.  I am the Aleph and the Taw, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.  Blessed are those doing His commands, so that the authority shall be theirs unto the tree of life, and to enter through the gates of the city”.  (Revelation 22:10-14) 

He would rather have us “hot or cold” than to be lukewarm--a mixture of hot and cold. “To the assembly at Laodicia write…”I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot.  I would that you were cold or hot.  So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I am going to vomit you out of My mouth”.   (Revelation 3:14-16)

“Enter in through the narrow gate!  Because the gate is wide, and the way is broad, that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter in through it.  Because the gate is narrow and the way is hard pressed (or “the way is afflicted”) which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”  (Matthew 6:13-14—italics mine)

Isaiah 24:5-6: “For the earth has been defiled under its inhabitants, because they have


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transgressed the Torah, changed the law, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore the inhabitants of the earth shall be burned, and few men shall be left.

Matthew 13:47-50:  “Again, the Kingdom of heaven is like a dragnet that was thrown into the sea and gathered some of every kind, which when it was filled, they drew to the shore.  And they sat down and gathered the good into containers, but threw the rotten away.  Thus shall it be at the end of the age: the messengers shall come forth, and

separate the wicked out of the midst of the righteous, and shall throw them into the

furnace of fire--there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth”.  

Matthew 13:36-43: “The Son of Man shall send out His messengers, and they shall gather out of His reign all the stumbling-blocks, and those doing lawlessness, and shall throw them into the furnace of fire…”   “Everyone doing sin also does lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness”.  This whole chapter 13 of Matthew is talking about the separation of the “wheat from the tares”, “the chaff from the wheat”, “the rotten from the good”, the wicked from the righteous.

In fact, the whole entire Word of Elohim is instruction regarding the clean and the unclean, and how to walk in the clean--the pure, the set-apart and the righteous way.

There are only 3 reasons that Elohim gives for having to pour out His wrath: 1)for the breaking of His Torah (His Law, His Will), which He calls “sin”, 2)for the rejection of the Torah and for the rejection of Himself as the Only, One, True Living Elohim, King and Master, and Savior, and 3)for the harm to His people and to His Land. 

It is His instructions and teachings about His Kingdom as opposed to the kingdom of the enemy--Lucifer/Satan.  There are only 2 kingdoms, with two sovereigns, with two sets of laws, two lifestyles, and two eternal destinations of permanency.  There is an eternal reward for obeying and serving the Elohim of Israel, Yahuweh, and guarding and practicing His kingdom commands of set-apartness unto Him.  There is an eternal reward for obeying and serving, and practicing the laws of the kingdom of Lucifer/Satan.  One cannot be in both at the same time.  To pass from “death unto life” means we come totally 100% out of Lucifer’s kingdom and do not return. 

The whole Word gives details as to how we are to be set-apart unto Him.  How can we do this?  How can we keep this set-apart covenant?  He has given us His Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) to empower us to please Him, to work in us according to His good pleasure, and to help us to keep His good commandments with joy and peace and much contentment.  The new nature imparted to those who embrace the sacrifice and resurrection of Messiah Yahushua, the Elohim of Israel, the Son of Yahuweh the Father, are instructed to keep the Commandments of their new Kingdom, to observe the set-apart Covenant with His people, and to walk in the light as He is in the light.

He has given us the terms of the Covenant—the rules of set-apartness and right standing in His kingdom--called the Torah--the first five foundational books of the Tenach (the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings--which was misnamed “the Old Testament” by Rome.

The Covenant is entered into by faith in Messiah Yahushua.  Once we are in the Covenant by faith, we are citizens of His eternal kingdom in heaven, and which is to come to earth, so we are responsible to live according to His Laws and good desires within His Kingdom.

I John 3:1-4, 24:  Speaking of cleansing ourselves in preparation for Yahushua’s return: “And everyone having this expectation in Him cleanses himself, as He is clean.   Everyone doing sin also does lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness….And the one guarding His commands stays in Him, and He in him.  And, by this we know that He


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stays in us, by the Spirit which He gave us.”  I John 5:2-3: “By this we know that we love

the children of Elohim, when we guard His commands.  For this is the love for Elohim: that we guard His commands, and His commands are not heavy”. 

John 14:15, 21, 23-24 and 15:14: “If you love Me, you shall guard My commands…He who possesses My commands and guards them, it is he who loves Me….If anyone loves Me, he shall guard My Word.  And My Father shall love him, and We shall come to him

and make Our stay with him.  He who does not love Me does not guard My Words.  And the Word which you hear is not Mine, but of the Father Who sent Me….You are My friends if you do whatsoever I command you”. 

What was/is His Word and His commands?  It was/is/and forever will be the Tenach.  Yahushua, the Word, was/is/and forever will be the living Tenach.  “Your Word is forever settled in heaven”. (Psalm 119:89)   By following His commands of His Kingdom, we have life, health, peace, freedom, joy, contentment, and His presence with us.  It separates us from the kingdom of darkness and its bondages.  Peter says the Word is Elohim-breathed.     

A remnant, a “precious few” Isaiah says, will see His face, and live in His presence because of their pure Bridal heart toward the Bridegroom Yahushua. 

We are entering a time in which the polarizing of the rebellious, lawless ones, or the ones who do not keep the Torah (Father’s good Law for our good) of the Elohim of Israel are gathering into one camp, and the Bridal souls are gathering into another camp.  We are entering a time of great world war--nuclear holocaust--and WWIII, which will totally wipe out every human being off of the planet, unless our Bridegroom comes and sets up His kingdom on this earth.

Yahushua, our Bridegroom, says in Matthew 24: 21-22:  (Read in context for the whole understanding):  “For then there shall be great distress such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.  And, if those days were not shortened no flesh would be saved, for the sake of the chosen ones those days shall be shortened”.  The Word has much to say about nuclear holocaust, in both the Tenach and the Brit Chadasha (misnamed New Testament). 

We know that a marking of the “alive and remain” Bridal company is about over.  For, according to the text of the Scriptures in the book of Revelation, once the 1st trumpet has blown, (the trumpet judgments are nuclear and world-destructive in nature), the marking of the chosen ones will be finished.  We are already in the first 5 seals worldwide--see Revelation 6 for an overview.  The 6th seal is a picture of Messiah’s return and the outpouring of His wrath at that time, when the world rulers, the wealthy elite and most powerful and rich, who now rule Lucifer’s kingdom for him on this earth, will be destroyed in the “wrath of the Lamb”. 

The 7th seal is the opening of the 1st trumpet.  The 7th trumpet opens the 7 vials of the wrath of Elohim, and if you look closely at Revelation 11, you will see that Messiah brings the outpouring of the wrath with Him when He comes.  This is stated in quite a few passages in both the Tenach and the Brit Chadasha.  No human being can withstand the wrath of the Father or the “wrath of the Lamb”.  For this reason, the final vials, which contain the wrath of the Father, are quick and over with, and our Messiah descends to this earth.  Our precious Father is no sadist!!  He grieves over the death of the wicked.  He grieves even more over the unnecessary deaths of His own children, because they would not listen to Him. 

We are extremely close now, to the set-up for the last 3 ½ years--which will kick-off

nuclear holocaust, biological and chemical warfare, and the final plans of the world


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leaders to destroy about 5.5 billion people off of this planet.  Their purpose is to give Lucifer, their god, the throne of Elohim on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, so that they

can rule and reign with him, enjoying the world’s wealth and re-creating a super-race of humans which will serve Lucifer and serve them.  That’s been the plan since Nimrod—

over 5,000 years ago, and has been Lucifer’s plan since the foundation of the world (Isaiah 14:12-14).

But, it is time to shout for joy, if you are a true obedient believer in the Messiah Yahushua, for when He comes the kingdom of Lucifer will be destroyed, and Yahuweh alone will be Elohim in that day. 

“And Yahuweh shall be King over all the earth.  In that day there shall be one Yahuweh, and His Name one”.  Yahushua came in the Name of His Father, Yahuweh.   Let’s use the name of our soon-coming King--that is only practical wisdom.  All other names for the gods will be wiped out.  (See Hosea 2)


The Calendar:  The defining, dividing line between the two kingdoms.  What kingdom are you in?  Are you in Lucifer’s kingdom of darkness, or Yahuweh’s Kingdom of light?  If you are in Yahuweh’s Kingdom of light, then you must be obeying the good laws and right-rulings of His Kingdom, and be in right standing with the King.

On Mt. Carmel, Eliyahu (Elijah), whose name means “my Elohim is Yahuweh”, drew a line between the two kingdoms, and between the two Sovereigns of those kingdoms.

In I Kings 12:25-33, we find the first anti-messiah--the Lawless (Torah-less) one, the first one to change His times and seasons to pagan festivals, King Jeroboam.  This King of the northern 10 tribes--called the House of Israel, or the House of Ephraim, or the House of Joseph--angered the Father so much by what he did, that Father allowed the Assyrians in 722BCE to attack them, take them to Assyria, and disperse them into all the nations of the earth.  They lost their identity and adhered to the gods and idols of every nation that they were scattered into.  King Jeroboam presented a pagan calendar to the House of Ephraim, Israel, and forced them to adhere to his new calendar.  He changed the days and times of the Festivals of Yahuweh, and set up idols for the people to worship, saying they no longer had to go to Jerusalem, but now had their own gods.   That is exactly what the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great did in 325CE, when he started a new religion called Christianity, the new Church organized system--first called the Roman Catholic Church--and stamped out everything to do with Yahuweh’s worship.  He was the second Jeroboam. 

Most of these “lost tribes” or “lost sheep of the House of Israel” became “Christians”--adopting the counterfeit, man-made pagan religion, created by Emperor Constantine to unite his empire.   It was created as a composite religion, to pacify the pagans, and the nominal Christians who had already become so pagan that the pagans said, “you’re just like us”.

It was also a good excuse to get rid of anything Jewish, for the Jews were always a “thorn in the flesh” of Greece and Rome.  Caught in the middle of this anti-messiah spirit, were the believers in Messiah Yahushua, who also kept the Torah, as Yahushua taught us.  These “Messianic” believers, called the followers of the Way, or the followers of the Nazarene, were slaughtered methodically, because, like the Jews, they refused to stop keeping the Torah’s instructions.

By the 13th, century, the Church thought they had totally stamped these Nazarenes out, with their Gospel of Matthew in Hebrew.  But, as someone has recently said, “we’re back, and all over the internet”. 


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Remember, that a counterfeit bill looks just like a real one--it has many good things on it to identify it as, say, a $20.00 U.S. bill, but it is still a counterfeit--it is still illegal; it is still

under the judgment of the United States Treasury Department, and no matter how nice this counterfeit looks, if you try to spend it you may go to jail.

Christianity, which basically began with the Council of Nicea (Turkey) in 325CE, is a Greek/Roman/Persian pagan invention--with its foundation on false gods, the hate of the Jews, the slaughter of the Jews, a fertility symbol, and pagan festivals and days of worship. That is just historical fact.   It is a counterfeit, and will be destroyed even before the coming of Yahushua by the world government system itself.  (Revelation 17:16-17)

Yahushua did not start a religion called “Christianity”--the Roman Emperor Constantine did.  Yahuweh did not start the religion of Judaism--men did as a result of losing intimacy with Him in the 70 years of the Babylonian captivity.  When mankind, as a whole, loses contact with Elohim, their Creator, they have to create their own god in their own image.  Their god, for the most part, is just another set of human reasoning, rules, control and manipulation devices, to separate the few leaders from the common man.

So the Church is just another such man-made creation, to create a god in their own image, so that the common man is left with dependency on their leaders to tell them what God is all about.  Christianity is the same.  Very few actually go to the Word and, with the help of the Author, the Ruach ha Kodesh, spend time to study it, and learn of Him, and have an intimate relationship with Him.  

Yahuweh made one Covenant with His people, on Mt. Sinai, a marriage Covenant, and that Covenant was renewed in Yahushua’s blood.  The blood Covenant is the strongest of all covenants.  Did you know that marriage between a man and a woman is a blood covenant?

Yahuweh only has one people, who by faith in the blood Covenant renewed through Yahushua, have been translated totally out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of light.   We cannot serve two masters.  We cannot live in two kingdoms.  To be re-born means we are in a new Kingdom, with a new Master, and new rules to live by. 

America did not get a Messiah.   Europe did not get a Messiah, nor did Asia, or Africa, or Australia, nor any other country--except Israel.  Israel got a Messiah--and His Name in Hebrew, His language, is Yahushua (Yahuweh is Salvation).  “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of Yahuweh”.  Yahuweh says in Isaiah 42:8: “I am Yahuweh, that is My Name, and My glory I will not give to another, nor My praise to idols”.   Isaiah 43:11:  “I, I am Yahuweh, and besides Me there is no Savior”.  There is no “yeshua”. 

“There is no mighty one besides Me, a righteous El and a Savior, there is none besides Me.  Turn to Me and be saved, all you ends of the earth!  For I am El, and there is none else”.  (Isaiah 45:21-22)

Just for clarification, if you are reading the word “Lord” in your Bible, it is a word that is used 6,832 times in the entire Scripture.  But, most of the time it should be translated Yahuweh, and a small percentage of the time “Master” (Adonai).   He has a Name, which He gave us in Exodus 3, and that is Yahuweh.  “Lord” is a title.  He is a Person with a Name.  It is a name to be feared, and respected, and never to be used lightly, but to be used by His loving children.  It is the Name of our Abba, our Daddy--our Father.

The “Name above every name”, that every knee will bow to is Yahushua.    The word “lord” is actually the name Ba’al--the vile sun god of the Moabites.  The day, sun-day, was called the “lord’s day’, in honor of Ba’al, by the Romans. 

My whole life is dedicated to researching truth, with the aid of the Ruach (Spirit) of Truth, the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit), the Ruach Yahuweh.  For the Ruach is Yahuweh


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Himself, moving throughout the earth.  He is “the Spirit of Truth”.  Knowing Him we know Yahuweh/Yahushua.  (II Corinthians 3:17-18) 

Many of you are questioning:  In practical every day life, how do I get out of these systems of man, yet still live in this world?  There will come a time, when the systems of man become so against the believers in Yahuweh and Messiah, that the only way to come out is through death.  We are not far from those days prophesied about so much in the Word, and through His true prophet/watchmen of today. 

Babel” means “confusion”, and I know that all of us have lived in that confusion of Lucifer way too long.    How do I escape the great whore system of Rome, and the government and economic system of Babel?   It takes a determined, resolute fearless step forward, by absolute faith for the most part, to radically adjust your lifestyle to start coming out of this entangled web in which we in the Western World find ourselves.   I am, for the most part, out of that system, totally out of its religious system, but still some of the entanglements are hanging on.  It is not easy, but not impossible. 

Wow, this kingdom of Babel/Babylon is ancient!!  It started back in Genesis 10:8-10: “And Cush brought forth Nimrod, he began to be a mighty one on the earth. He was a mighty hunter before Yahuweh, therefore it was said, `Like Nimrod, the mighty hunter before Yahuweh’. (Nimrod was “in the face of” Yahuweh for evil).   And the beginning of his reign was Babel”… (Italics mine) 

Nimrod also built Nineveh.  In chapter 11, we read about the tower of Babel, the original one world government, which also spawned the religion of all cultures, the sun god worship, and the trinity of the Father, son (sun god) and the Queen of Heaven--mother of God, which forms the base of all religions except Judaism.  All world rules from Egypt, to Assyria, to Babylon, to the Medes and Persians, to the Greeks and Romans, and now the present world government have this trinity as their religious foundation.  All of them give glory and honor to the god of illumination--Satan, under the name of Lucifer, the “shining one”, or illumined one.   

How can I practically, in my everyday life, get out of anything to do with the Lucifer system?  I’m glad you asked those questions.  It requires major lifestyle adjustments, but the result is a freedom most people have never known.  There can be no compromise, no stopping the process of getting out.  Once the process is started, the whole process must be completed, or the result will be compromise.  The compromising ones are called “lukewarm”.  They make the Savior vomit.  “No man having put his hand to the plough is fit for the Kingdom of Elohim”.  (Yahushua’s words to those who made excuses for not following Him in humble obedience.) 

Here’s an example of radical lifestyle adjustment:  Ezra 6:21: The people from Judah, nicknamed Jews, had returned from Babylon, and it was found out that they had married foreign wives, and gotten involved in the Babylonian system of superstition, the worship of gods, the ways of Babylon, and the thinking of Babylon.  (Read all of Ezra--it is very much up to date).  Still today, superstition keeps the Jews, and even most Messianic believers, from using the name of the Father, Yahuweh, for fear that He will punish them --a very pagan concept.

Both Ezra and Nehemiah had mass divorce ceremonies, and the people put away their pagan wives and children--sent them home to momma and grandma.

What was then is also now:  to be in right standing with Elohim, we must walk according to the Torah--His governmental laws and right rulings, commands, teachings, precepts, and statutes of His Kingdom.  If you are a citizen of heaven, as Philippians 3:20 talks about, then you must live according to the rules of your new Kingdom.  You can’t bring Lucifer’s laws of his kingdom into the Kingdom of Yahuweh.  Lucifer’s laws are: “if it feels


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good do it”.  He has no judgment for sin.   His judgment becomes his subject’s judgment--the lake of fire for eternity, but he’s not telling his friends that.

How does one worship Lucifer?  The elite of the world’s leaders worship Lucifer in the hard-core manner--human/animal sacrifices, orgies, drugs, pornography, abortions,

homosexuality, murders, rapes, greed, control, power and manipulation of the lives of the masses for world domination.

Most of the world’s people worship Lucifer’s by letting their flesh guide them, by letting sin rule them, by obeying his lust for lawlessness and rebellion against the Torah, by simply choosing other delights besides the things of Yahuweh--by rejecting Yahuweh and the Torah for personal gratification.  Anything except Yahuweh delights Lucifer greatly.  If you watch Lucifer’s promotional movies on TV or in the theater, and enjoy them--that delights Lucifer.  Lucifer loves to glorify his actions--so his movies are about murder, sex, violence, war, horror, disease, and all sorts of diabolical wickedness.  In Isaiah 33, we read that the pure of heart, won’t willingly look at scenes of violence, and blood.  The pure of heart think about things that are pure.  They are set-apart unto Yahuweh, and only delight in what delights Him. 

If we study the Word and talk with Eloyim, Lucifer hates us.  Most people who say they are believers in Messiah, or in Jesus, have no relationship with Him, nor do they study His Word regularly, and speak with Him daily, nor do they hear from Him daily as they should, but they have a great relationship with their own fleshly desires, plans, agendas, and a me-first self-centeredness.   What they do not know is that these things and attitudes are a way of giving glory to Lucifer.

Participating in holidays and worship days that are not prescribed by the calendar of Yahuweh, is a way of giving glory and worship to Lucifer.  Lucifer wants rebellion against Yahuweh, and most Christians bring him much satisfaction in that area. 

Yet that is exactly what the counterfeit church is--a religious belief which causes people to stay in the kingdom of darkness, and feel at home in Lucifer’s kingdom, and still think they are in the Kingdom of light, because they prayed some prayer of belief.  Yet, most people who say they are in the Kingdom of light have no desire to read the Word and fellowship in intimacy with the King that they say they are going to spend eternity with. 

Isn’t that very strange?

It is a great deception.  How can anyone logically hope to rule and reign with a King, when they rebel against, and disobey His laws now?  Like I said, it is just a historical fact, Christianity is a pagan-based man-made counterfeit, a very deceptive counterfeit.  It was purposely created and built on the rejection of Yahuweh, and His Torah, and His Covenant with His set-apart people.  Yahushua came to renew the ceremonial blood sacrifices of Torah in His own blood, and extend salvation to all.  He Himself, the Living Torah, never rejected or threw away His eternal Word.  

How did Rome inherit the Nimrod/Babylonian system of government, economics and religion?  In C.J. Koster’s book, Come Out of Her My People, he quotes the “church father” Augustine:  Rome was founded as the second Babylon, and as the daughter of the former Babylon.  Babylonia as the first Rome..and Rome itself is like a second Babylon”.  Alexander Hyslop, the famous writer of the book The Two Babylons, (c. first in 1853) said, “the true legitimate Babylonian Pontiff, after being driven out by the Medes and Persians was at Pergamum.  Later on the Pontiff of Rome and the Pontiff of Pergamum became the same, the Pontiff of Babylon being absorbed into the Pontiff of Rome”.  Aurelian was the Emperor who established the sun as the supreme deity of Rome, says Koster, and the term “mystery Babylon” refers to the fact that now Babel is


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Rome and the one world government is headquartered in the USA--the Babylon of Revelation 18, Jeremiah 50 and 51, Isaiah 47 and 18.

Koster says on page 106, speaking of pagan religion:  “Religion has always loved to cloak itself in mystery, and a priesthood is notoriously adverse from revealing its plain

language the secrets of which it believes itself to possess”.  So, all the mystery religions, including Catholicism, Masonry, Illuminati, CFR, Skull and Bones, and Theosophy (which ruled Hitler’s thinking), which is basic Gnosticism/New Age, are of Lucifer/Babel, and thus Rome.  Nimrod built and established Babel--and the tower of Babel, and its worship of the sun god, himself being the first Father, with his son, Tammuz being the first sun god, and his mother/wife being the first Queen of Heaven--5,000-plus years ago. 

All of these “priesthoods” have an elite group at the top that know the secrets--and all underneath are considered usable, no-nothing inferiors, but who are loyal to what their elite tell them, and are generally called “the ignorant masses”.  Thus the Roman church took the Word out of the hands of the people, and anyone reading the Word, for hundreds of years, was killed.  Rome got Babel’s religion, and Babel’s god Mithras, via Syria.  Syria was Rome’s teacher in sun god worship and astrology, having inherited it from Babylon.

From Koster, page 111: “Augustine, in his City of God states in four places that Rome is the second Babylon.  Tertullian, a prominent early “church father” wrote: “Babylon…is a figure of the city of Rome.  The Douay Bible and the New Jerusalem Bible (Catholic translations), and 2 Dutch translations, say in their footnotes of Revelation 17:15: “Babylon is political Rome or pagan Rome”.  The golden cup in the hand of the great whore, symbolizes wealth and the sun god. 

Yet, our victory is in knowing that in Jeremiah 51:6-7, the golden cup is ultimately in the “hand of Yahuweh”, and when He’s finished with its abominations, it will be finished forever!!!  But, here again, in verse 6, He warns us to get out of Babel before He destroys it: “Flee from the midst of Babel and let each one save his life!  Do not be cut off in her crookedness, for this is the time of the vengeance of Yahuweh, the recompense He is repaying her”.

Thus Babel represents wealth and sun god worship. This alchemy--witchcraft--that is appearing on Christians in the form of gold dust is a demonic delusion. Beware: It is wicked trickery, and has nothing to do with the Elohim of the Scriptures, but everything to do with the gods of the ancient world in disguise.  The counterfeit religion is so steeped in deception, it is easy to make such phenomenon fit into their own deceived reasoning.  Most people do not know the Word, so they do not know the depths of this deception.  The Word says that signs and wonders will accompany the false prophets of the last days.  The gold dust symbolizes the Christian counterfeit, which actually causes people to worship Lucifer under a deceptive that appears as “an angel of light”.  That is why the great statue that King Nebuchadnezzar saw in his vision, which Daniel interpreted, had a head of gold. The head of gold stood for King Nebuchadnezzer, and his great Babylonian Empire of that day--for Babylon’s symbol is gold. 

Unless signs, and confirmations are in total agreement with the whole Word, from Genesis to Revelation, you cannot say something is of the Ruach Yahuweh.  Some are saying that this mysticism they are practicing is from God, or from an angel, but as Yahushua said, “many will come…and deceive many”.   Mysticism functions without the



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Word as its foundation.  Its foundation is demonic spiritual illusion.  I am speaking from years of experience in understanding the demonic world, verses the world of Yahuweh.   

Such is today, Christmas, a vile day of abomination to the Elohim of Israel, but a fine day for Lucifer to receive worship under the name Christ, or Jesus, and the pride of gift-giving. 

Remember that the “J” is only about 400 years old in the English language.  Thus the Greek word, as an example, for “Jesus”, is actually “Iesous”--which comes from

such words for “Hail Zeus”, and a name related to Bacchus, a sun god, and from the name for the Greek goddess of healing.

Truly, because of the pagan cultures of Greece and Rome, the Word was totally written, in its original form, in Hebrew, so that the Names of our Father and our Savior would not be blasphemed among the heathen.  Also, remember that only the original manuscripts were inspired and infallible, Elohim-breathed.  And only exact copies of the original in the original language, Hebrew, would be totally inspired.  With the Tenach, written in Hebrew, of course, each copy was hand-written so that not “one jot or tittle” would be changed. Yahushua testifies to that in Matthew 5:171-19. If a Scribe, copying a Hebrew text made one mistake, the whole text would be thrown out, and he would have to start all over. 

All the New Testament translations of the original Hebrew text of the Messianic Scriptures are different, each new version adding or taking away from the text, at the discretion of the translator, or because of the version of Greek text they were using to translate from.  In the case of the NIV, there are literally thousands of changes to the text, at the discretion of the translators.  It is the same with most modern versions.  No translation from the Greek is close to the Hebrew in many places, because the Hebrew  letters have picture-meaning, and there were Hebrew puns, jokes, slang, and plays on words that could not be translated.  Much false doctrine has come about simply because of the wrong translation of the New Testament from the Hebrew into less complex languages.  The early Torah-observant followers of the Messiah, kept a copy of Matthew in Hebrew until at least the 13th century, during which time the Roman Catholic Church dedicated itself to stamping anything Hebrew out of the Church, and torturing and murdering of all those who observed the Torah.  That 300 year period is known as “The Inquisition”. 

Much documentation is out there on this point, and we must only use His real name, follow His real laws, and enter His real Kingdom, and get out of Lucifer’s deception quick.  For Elohim’s wrath is coming on all the “children of disobedience”--lawless children, those who embrace Gnosticism, Greek philosophy, and paganism under the name of Christianity, which in its very nature rebels against the laws of the Kingdom of Yahuweh. One of the basic doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, for example, is “replacement theology”--which says that the Church has replaced Israel.  It was like Jeroboam told the House of Israel, “you don’t have to go to Jerusalem” or to the Torah to find God, you can worship comfortably here with new gods.

From about 200BCE, to observe the Torah, teach the Torah, live the Torah, was against Greek and Roman law.   Torah was outlawed again in 132CE, by the Emperor Hadrian, and anyone teaching it, or practicing it, was killed.  When the Emperor Constantine started his new religion of Christianity at the Council of Nicea in 325CE, Torah, the teaching and practice of it, was also outlawed under penalty of death.  Anyone not baptized into the Roman Catholic (universal) Church, was considered an “enemy of the state” of Rome.


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So began the reign of horror against the Jews, and against the believers in Messiah Yahushua who obeyed the Torah.  The Crusades, the Inquisition, the many regional wars, the founding of Islam, Communism, Fascism, and punishment within and without for any dissenters of the rule of the Church have all been designed to keep the power of the Vatican intact.  Today, all leaders of all nations go to the Vatican for council and instruction in world politics.  Yes, this is historical and present-day fact.

Now, after I’ve laid some essential groundwork, how do you get out of the kingdom of Babel? -- BY GETTING OUT OF ITS CALENDAR, ITS WORLDLY ENSLAVING ENTANGLEMENTS, AND ITS RELIGIOUS BONDAGES WITH ITS DEMANDS AND ITS TRADITIONS. The Roman calendar, a bondage calendar, drives us from one festival of pagan Babel/Rome to another.  It leads us around by the nose.  Father’s calendar is peaceful, fun, family-oriented, free and happy, and teaches us the ways of salvation and the kingdom of light.  I went to a Hanukkah party two nights ago, and it was delightful.

The Roman calendar is not very ancient.  And the BC-AD method of dating was invented by a priest of the Roman Catholic Church called Venerable Bede, around the beginning of the 7th century.  The Roman calendar, based on the solar cycles, includes the festivals of Babel/Rome and the days of the worship of the sun god.  The Roman Catholic Church “christianized” the Roman calendar, by re-naming pagan festivals with Christian names to hide their real origin.   From its inception in 325CE, Easter replaced Passover, and later on Christmas, the day of the birth of the sun gods of all cultures, replaced the Feast of Tabernacles, during which Messiah was born.  Baal’s day, the “lord’s day”, the day that the sun god was worshipped, replaced the set-apart sign of the Covenant of Yahuweh with His people--Shabbat. 

Even though the Reformation restored to us some basic truths and especially led to the Word being put in the languages of the people, it was and is still not much more than fragmented Rome, now with about 2,000 denominations, and hundreds of organizations.  Most of Protestantism’s structure of worship, traditions, holidays, and even basic beliefs come from ancient Greek Gnosticism, Greek philosophy, and the ideas of monks and priests of the Roman Church, taken from ancient pagan belief.  Some of evangelicalisms most treasured beliefs are rooted in pagan concepts, philosophy, and Gnosticism (ancient New Age teaching).  In fact, in some cases, not one Scripture in the entire Word can back some evangelical beliefs that are traditionally foundational. 

We are driven by pagan forces--the traditions of the pagans--under nice names, that

appease the senses.  To please our families, we stay in these traditions.  Yet He says that if we choose the ways of the pagans, we are enemies of His--adulterers and adulteresses.  We are not fit for the Kingdom of Heaven.   By trying to appease our families in the pagan festivals of Christianity, we are condoning these festivals.  By coming out, we make a statement of their evil, and our families have a change to follow in our footsteps.

Want to get out of Babel?  First step:  Get out of all of its holidays, and days of worship.   Switch your lifestyle over to Yahuweh’s calendar.

And, I might add a warning here:  Don’t mix the two.  Don’t practice Yahuweh’s calendar, and also Rome’s.  Yahuweh does not condone a mixture.  That seems to be a fad in the church today--mixing Hebrew roots classes on Saturday night, with Sunday worship.   In Ezekiel 8, He calls that “putting the branch to My nose”.  In other words, His people, in His temple, were worshipping the sun god, by facing the rising sun over the Mount of Olives, and putting palm branches to their noses to shield the rays of the eastern


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sunrise, and also to honor the sun god.  Yahuweh was saying, that the people wanted also to put a branch under His nose, in other words, to join them in their sun god worship.  He departed, and they never noticed.  Read Ezekiel 8:1-11:23--a tragedy--but, a tragedy that is being repeated in the church every Sunday.  Did you know that the pagans also met on Wednesday night for worship?   I think that this mixture, fad, is because pastors are realizing that they may lose many of their church members, at least to the Messianic congregations, if they don’t at lest have a Saturday night Hebrew roots class.  People are realizing that the presence of the Father is not in their services anymore, and they are bored with the church routine.  Many are leaving the church.  The Hebrew roots craze, or fad, may be used by some churches to try to “spice up” their dull routine.  Yes, just as the tabernacle worship continued at Shiloh, while the Ark of His Presence was in the camp of the Philistines, so the church today is realizing that the Ark of His Presence has departed, and they need something to keep the people from leaving the church.   

James (really Ja’acob/Jacob) 4:4: “Adulterers and adulteresses!  Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with Elohim?  Whosoever therefore intends to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of Elohim”.

I John 2:15-17: “Do not love the world nor that which is in the world.  If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.  Because all that is in the world--the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life--is not of the Father but is of the world.  And, the world passes away, and the lust of it, but the one doing the desire of Elohim remains forever.” 

Yet, most believers would rather do the things of the world, than study the Word of the eternal Elohim that they hope to rule and reign with.  The Bride chooses her Bridegroom over anyone and anything else.  (See Matthew 10:34-39)  She desires to be with Him.  If something is an abomination to Him, it is an abomination to her.  She would not be found doing anything to compromise her love for Him.  She would not compromise anything, because she is pure of heart.  She will see Him, but her compromising fellow Christians will not see Him.  “Without set-apartness, no one will see Elohim”. 

We all have been raised to tolerate evil, and even call it good.  The TV and other media, school training, and secular society as a whole, has programmed our minds so that we accept what is relevant to a situation, and not to have any absolutes.  So, most naturally rebel at absolutes.  But, in His Kingdom, absolutes rule!  Most Christians would not like the real Yahushua or His Kingdom.  Most Christians today, would rebel against Him and His Kingdom’s Torah (teachings), because they rebel against it now.  If we rebel against His absolutes now, how will He judge us in the days to come?  Will we have a reward from Him?  These are hard questions that we all must ask ourselves. 

Yahushua says: “Come out…touch not…and I will receive you”.  Touch not!!!  That means have nothing to do with the “unfruitful works of darkness”.   How can we handle the world of darkness, and remain in the Kingdom of light?  We can’t!  We cannot tolerate evil.  If we consider our family above Him, He says that we are not worthy of Him. (Matthew 10:34-39)

Some are still going to church on Sunday, while attending Messianic congregation on Saturday, still celebrating other pagan festivals, eating unclean animals which our good Father forbids, and all the time adjusting their theology to comply with whomever they are with.  I did that myself, and I knew deep-down that I was compromising the truth.  I had to totally come out of all that is an abomination to Him also.  In one of


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Shakespeare’s famous plays, there is a line that says, “To thine own self be true”.   We can program our minds to fool ourselves, and to deny truth, to cling to deception and lies, and believe about anything, but no matter how hard we try to make peace with wrong, it all boils down to hypocrisy and lukewarm COMPROMISE. 

“The pure in heart will see Elohim”.  The word “pure” means “single-minded, single

focused”.  Many came to Yahushua and said they wanted to follow Him, but first they had to do things with their families and/or their jobs.  They had to get their affairs in order--get their parent’s inheritance, for example.   But, like the foolish virgins, they will

not be ready when Yahushua comes.  Many today are telling me about their good plans for service, and plans to get a “nest egg” for retirement, or for paying off bills, in order to follow Messiah.  Yet, He is moving quickly on down the road, and while these people are working hard on their own good agendas to serve Him, He has called out His set-apart ones, marked them, and now they are following their Lamb wherever He goes by faith.  The only way to live is in total dependency on Him--the only walk is the walk of faith.  And, believe me, it is quite a different walk than the reasoning of man.  “We walk by faith, not by sight”. 

So, all of our plans now, to get into Noah’s ark down the line somewhere, will have to be ditched most likely, for the true Noahs of today are hearing the Word, “get into the ark” at this very moment.   Yes, we must “occupy” or “do business” until He comes.  We “must be about our Father’s business”.  What is Father doing?  We must get into His agenda.  He is calling His people back to their Land—the House of Judah, and the House of Israel.  He is training and preparing a remnant for the last days, some to network for His people’s safety, they themselves putting their lives on the line for Him, and some to be alive and remain when He returns, to teach and train the two Houses, like the marked 144,000 thousand. 

Our work for financial income must be a light cloak, and our possessions and needs also must be a light cloak that can be thrown off at any moment.  We must get out of all debt to the world system, and stay out.   We must downsize and simplify our lives, for the words of Yahushua about the fleeing is for all of His people.  The anti-messiah’s forces will target all those who use the names of Yahuweh and Yahushua, and guard the Torah in these days.  The same Roman forces are at work right now, to destroy all Torah-observant people, especially the Torah-observant believers in Messiah Yahushua.  When He said, “All men will hate you for My Name’s sake”, what was His Name?  It was the Name of His Father coupled with the word for salvation--Yahushua/or Yahshua. 

There is no grace or mercy on willful rebellion against the Torah.  He says, “Come out of them and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you”.  (II Corinthians 6:17) He dwells in light, and He cannot have darkness approach unto Him at any point.  That is why only the marked remnant will spend eternity in His presence--those who “guard” his commandments, and are pure on heart.  “The pure in heart will see Elohim”.  (Matthew 5:8; Revelation 3:10-12, 7:3; 12:17; 14:12; 22:3-5 and 14)

“…His servants shall serve Him.  And they shall see His face, and His Name shall be upon their foreheads…and they shall reign forever and ever.”  (Revelation 22:3-5) Only the marked remnant, who is the Bride from all generations, (see Ezekiel 9:1-11; Rev. 7:1ff) will be allowed to live with their Bridegroom in His city.  The ‘saved” will be on the new earth, and must have representatives into the city, but they cannot enter.  Look it up for yourself in Rev. 21 and 22.  All of His set-apart ones are saved, but not all the saved are part of His set-apart remnant of all ages.  Many don’t have the knowledge of the Torah nor the requirements of His kingdom, and for them there is mercy.  Millions are


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being martyred today, and for their faithfulness to Him even to death, there is great reward. 

Our eternal position is at stake, and we have “inherited falsehoods”.  (Jeremiah 16:19) These falsehoods, if not corrected, could cost us our eternal life, (Rev. 3:5 and II Thessalonians 2:9-12, for examples). 

The Roman calendar begins on January 1.  In Rome, was celebrated by sporting events, much food, orgies, and entertainment, parades and festivities of all sorts, which included much indulgence in alcohol.  

The names of the Roman calendar months, for the most part are the names of pagan gods, and the names of the week are all names of pagan gods.  I know that we have to live in this world for a while longer, but Exodus 23:13 tells us that not once shall the names of pagan gods be found in our mouth. It all boils down to how intent we are in pleasing Him.  Old habits are very hard to break!  But, for a person who is in love, old habits are easy to break.  The Bride is in love with Yahushua.  There are ways around using the names of pagan gods, and still live in this world.

Did you know that Yahuweh’s calendar begins on Abib (or Nisan) 1--this year 2004 it will begin at sundown on March 22nd?  (See Exodus 12:2) Yahuweh’s days begin and end at sunset.  His calendar months are between the Roman months, and each month begins with the first sighting of the new moon.   So, the days of festivals are not the same each year. 

Love for Him gives us the ONLY reason to come out totally, and stay out of Lucifer’s system!!!  Come out…and I will receive you.  He loves us very much, but light cannot co-exist with darkness, neither can “the Father of lights”, who lives in total light, ever exist with a person who insists on practicing and accepting certain aspects of the kingdom of darkness.   Selah--pause and think about that!!!

After January 1st, the next is the holiday of Valentine’s Day--if you want more information about this, ask me.  The sexual filth of this Roman event would turn any decent stomach.  It has nothing to do with love.  And, Pan, who is actually Satan, was honored at this holiday, with orgies and public sexual events.

Love, to our Father is primarily not feelings, or emotions, but faithfulness, obedience, loyalty, service, and humility, sweetness, gentleness, kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness, and responsibility to others.  Love is an action word that demonstrates what is in the heart.  Love keeps His Covenant.  It is not based on any person unstable changes in the soul.  “If you love Me keep My commandments”. 

All of Rome’s holidays are sex-oriented, money-oriented, and self-gratification oriented.  Then we have Easter, the feast of Ishtar, Astarte, the mother-goddess, the Queen of Heaven, who is impregnated at this time, by the crossing of certain stars of the zodiac, in order for the goddess give birth to the sun god on December 25th.  It is a celebrated with the symbols of the ancient fertility goddesses--bunnies, eggs and the cross.  The symbol that Yahushua gave us of the assemblies of the called out ones--the believers--was the Menorah.  (Revelation 1:20)  The early believers used the Menorah as their symbol, and did not use the cross.  The cross became a symbol when Constantine made it the symbol of the church.  He made a sword in the shape of a cross, and began to slaughter anyone who would not convert to his new religion.  So, the cross became the symbol and the rallying point for the slaughter of Jews and believers who kept Torah.  Our Messiah was nailed to a straight up and down stake, pole, or tree--as the Greek word states.  He was nailed with His hands over His head.   Again, this is historical fact.

Then we have Halloween, which the Roman church honors as All Saints Day.  In the


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Satanic world it is a day of human and animal sacrifice to Satan.  I knew an x-Satanist High Priest, who let me know the horrors of Halloween.  Yet, many churches hang on to it, and some, in the name of compromise, have “Harvest Festivals” as an alternative.  Alternatives and compromise is the same thing.   “Touch not the unclean thing”. 

Then we have the abomination of the birth of the sun god called Christmas.  I think I thoroughly covered this one in my article “Joyful Abominations” (November 2003).  Yet, I know full well, that although many believers read the article, few actually took it seriously.   It honors and glorifies Lucifer. It opens the doors for demonic forces to work,

because they know what it really is.   Yahushua told us that whatever is acceptable and

promoted by the world, is an abomination to Him.  The whole world loves Christmas.   Yet even the Pilgrims outlawed it in America because it was pagan.  Once you study its vile roots, you can’t just stay neutral on the subject.  Someone who has been born again has His nature, which loves the truth, loves obedience, loves the Word, loves His presence, and chooses Him above everything else!!!  How many then, are really born again? 

No, I judge no one, for all have a chance of repentance until Yahushua comes, or death comes first.  But, most people are polarizing into a camp now, and many are becoming hard as concrete in Lucifer’s camp, in their defense of deception.  Many Christians are drawing back totally into Lucifer’s camp, and still holding on to the belief that because they prayed a prayer at some point, they are still going to heaven. 

But, realistically, rebellion against common-known truth is highly significant in locating people as to their true beliefs.  Many have a belief-system, but without radical corresponding actions in the new nature, there is not new birth.  A prayer in itself saves no one, unless the new birth takes place.  The “sinner’s prayer” was a creation of Dwight Moody in his evangelical crusades of the 1800’s, along with decision cards and the raising of hands to confess salvation, in order to have some organizational formula for those who accepted belief in Jesus in his crusades. 

Twenty-six things happen by the Ruach’s intervention at the true new birth.  (If you’d like that information let me know).   A person must have repentance or there is no new birth.  A radical coming out of the kingdom of darkness is required, and an embracing of the new nature of light. 

Excerpts from Luke 14:25-33: “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, and wife, and children, and brothers and sisters, and his own life too, he cannot be My disciple.  And whoever does not take his stake and come after Me cannot be My disciple.  So, then everyone of you who does not give up all that he has, cannot be My disciple”.  Is that plain enough!   He demands absolute repentance, and a complete coming out of Lucifer’s kingdom, or He cannot receive us.  There are a lot of people running around with a free ticket to heaven in their back pocket, so they think, who cannot be His disciple, because they are living in rebellion against the Kingdom of Heaven.  There is not one verse, not one, in the entire Scripture, that says that praying a prayer to receive the Savior has a free pass to heaven with it.   

Luke 16:15: “He said to them, `You are those who declare yourselves righteous before men, but Elohim knows our hearts, because what is highly thought of among men is an

abomination in the sight of Elohim”.

Yet, Christians hang around, adhere to, and practice what is “highly thought of among men”.  I also suspect that anyone who does not crave the Word of Elohim and who does not know His voice, is not born again either, for a baby who does not eat and crave milk,


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and later solid food, dies, or was never born alive.   Yahushua says, “My sheep know My voice, and a stranger they will not follow”.  (John 10:1-16) Yet, most of those who call themselves Christians not only don’t hear His voice, nor do they even care to hear His voice, and they follow the stranger as a regular lifestyle.   

All of these pagan holidays bring demonic activity into your house and life.  Most television programming brings demonic activity and mind programming into your life also--for it is dedicated to programming your mind to choose Lucifer’s logic and to reject the Elohim of Israel.  Fact!!!

Paul addresses new believers in Colosse, who were being mocked and persecuted

because they chose to keep Yahuweh’s calendar instead of going back to the pagan

calendar.  For, the Shabbats and the Festivals are shadows of things that have not yet come, as well as reminders of what has been.  Yahushua has not fulfilled the last three feasts!  These things are eternal, and will also be practiced in Yahushua’s Kingdom, and in Yahuweh’s eternal Kingdom. 

Through false symbols and trickery, Lucifer/Satan gets worship from Christians who think they are honoring their God.  But, in fact, you cannot honor the True Elohim with His enemy’s symbols, practices, and traditions. 

In speaking of the Talmudic/Rabbinical oral traditions of Judaism, Yahushua was most outspoken against it, for its traditions nullified in some ways, the Torah of Yahuweh.  It added burdens and laws that were man-made--which super-ceded the laws of Elohim in some ways.  Yahushua, the living Torah, walked out His Word, and fulfilled the ceremonial laws of blood sacrifice.  But, as the living Torah, He dropped a plumb-line on their man-made religion of Judaism:  “The Pharisees and scribes asked Him, `Why do your disciples not walk according to the tradition of the elders, but eat bread with unwashed hands?’  And He answering, said to them, `Well did Isaiah prophesy concerning you hypocrites, as it has been written, This people respect Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me.  And in vain do they worship Me, teaching as teachings the commands of men.  Forsaking the command of Elohim you hold fast the traditions of men’.  And He said to them, `Well do you set aside the command of Elohim in order to guard your tradition which have handed down.  And many such traditions you do’ ”.  (Mark 7:5-1)

In order to celebrate these pagan holidays, we guard the traditions, yet in doing so, we set aside the commandments of Elohim.  We are not to learn “the ways of the heathen”.   (Jeremiah 10:1-ff).  This brought the death penalty under Torah. 

Some think that Yahuweh has gotten feeble in His old age, and forgotten Torah?  That’s the governing standard of His Kingdom.  We pray, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven”.  In that prayer, we are asking for the Torah to be executed and enforced on the earth. 

So, in following the Roman calendar, and participating in the Roman church system, the whore system of idolatry, and adultery, against the Elohim of Israel, a person is actually living in Lucifer’s kingdom.  If a radical break with Lucifer’s kingdom does not occur, they will receive more and more deception, until, as II Thessalonians chapter 2 tells us, they will receive damnation because they do not love the truth, but love lies.  When a person does not love the truth, this passage of Scripture tells us that Yahuweh sends a “strong delusion”, so that they will believe a lie and so be damned to the lake of fire. 

Yahuweh compassionately pleads with us to get out of that Roman/Babylonian system or experience His wrath and His plagues, and His eternal destruction.  (Revelation 18:4 and Jeremiah 51:45)


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“Come out of her My people”!!  Come out of the great whore system that sleeps with the demonic, and is not purely adhering to the Torah of Yahuweh, that whores around with the world system, with the festivals of Rome, with the sun god’s day of worship--Sunday—the day of Ba’al—the “lord’s day”.

“Come out of her My people, and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you”.  II Corinthians 6:17

“Come out of her My people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues”.  Revelation 18:4  Come out of her midst, My people!  And let everyone deliver his being from the burning displease of Yahuweh”. (Jeremiah 51:45)

Who is coming again? -- Yahuweh--in the person of Yahushua.  I looked up many Scriptures regarding the 2nd coming, in the Tenach, and found that Yahuweh is coming--in His wrath, through His Son Yahushua.  Yahuweh had not been to this earth, except through His Ruach and through the Son, who was begotten before the foundation of the earth. 

Zechariah 8:3:  “Thus says Yahuweh, `I shall return to Tsiyon (Zion), and I shall dwell in the midst of Jerusalem’ ”.  Zechariah 1: 16: “Therefore, thus says Yahuweh of hosts, `I have been jealous for Jerusalem and for Tsiyon with great jealousy,….I shall return to Jerusalem with compassion.’ “

Zech. 2:10: “Oh Tsyion!  Escape you who dwell with the daughter of Babel.   For Behold, I am coming, and shall dwell in your midst”, declares Yahuweh.

Isaiah 40:3: “The voice of one crying in the wilderness `prepare the way of Yahuweh, make straight in the desert a highway of our Elohim…and the glory of Yahuweh shall be revealed, and all flesh together shall see it.  For the mouth of Yahuweh has spoken it”.  Isaiah 40:10-11 “See the Master Yahuweh comes with a strong hand, and His arm rules for Him.  See His reward is with Him, and His recompense before Him.  He feeds His flock like a shepherd, He gathers the lambs with His arm, and carries them in His bosom, gently leading those who are with young.” 

Our Daddy’s right arm is Yahushua, also called His right hand.  Yahushua is an extension of Yahuweh, just as the Ruach proceeds forth from the Father, Yahuweh.  We have one Elohim, who is a unit--a family unity--yet one.  The word “echad” used in the “Sha’ma”, in Deuteronomy 6:4, “Hear O Israel, Yahuweh our Elohim, Yahuweh is one”, is also used in Genesis 2:24:  “And they shall become one flesh”--speaking of Adam and Eve.  For the very word “Elohim” is a plural word--“Let US make man in Our image.”  (Genesis 1:26) 

Yahuweh, the Father, has never, and will never leave His throne over the mercy seat, between the cherubim, in His Temple, in His City, called in Revelation 21, “the new Jerusalem”.   But, He will come to this earth at the end of the 1,000-year reign of His right arm Yahushua.  (Read Revelation 20:11-15.  He will come to judge the wicked, and throw them into the lake of fire forever. Yahushua’s 1,000-year Kingdom will be ruled by a “rod of iron”--and the Torah will be the standard of rule.  Yahuweh’s eternal Kingdom in the new heaven and on the new earth, will also be ruled by the Torah.  See Isaiah 66:22-23 as an example. 

How do you get out of Babel? Practical advise: First of all, get out in your heart.  Separate from what Elohim calls His enemy.  Get into the study of the Torah, and the Prophets and the Writings (Tenach) and study with all your heart, with the Ruach Yahuweh as your Teacher--not some opinionated human, who has a mixture of teaching from tainted and good sources.  Stop wasting your time on Bible study books, unless the Ruach actually guides you to certain information.  Especially don’t read books and


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commentaries, about the Word--for only the Ruach has the right to interpret His own Word.  If you are truly born again, then He is there to Teach you, and “guide you into all Truth”.  He gives revelation knowledge, the knowledge of the word that only He can impart.  Why would you want ABC instruction when you can get DFA instruction?  (ABC--already been chewed, as opposed to DFA—Direct instruction from the Author).

Start by dropping the sun day worship, totally.  Keep only His set-apart day, for as Exodus 31, Isaiah 56 and Ezekiel 20 tell us, it is His sign between Himself and His

people forever!!!  The Shabbat (Sabbath) is from Friday night until the next sunset.  How can it be a set-apart sign, if you practice pagan ways the next day? 

Aaron made a golden calf for the people to worship because they were scared--Moses had been on Mt. Sinai too long.  Aaron told the people as they were dancing around the golden calf--“tomorrow is a Feast to Yahuweh”.  That is a picture of the modern Christian church--worshipping the things of the world and then throwing in worship to the Hebrew God here and there, when it is convenient.  Messiah has been gone too long, and His people are becoming bored.  They want a god to worship, and have unfortunately chosen a pagan counterfeit.  The counterfeit is now boring, so they are adding some of the real worship back in--a terrible mixture.   If you think I’m tough, when Moses saw what was going on, he got so angry that he broke the tablets, and ground up the golden calf, mixed the gold with water, and made the people drink it.  

Please don’t be involved in a mixture—going to Hebrew congregation on Saturday, and then join the pagan celebration on Sun-day.   Almost everything to do with Sunday worship has its roots in some pagan practice. 

Shabbat/Sabbath is the Bride’s day with her Bridegroom--it is the Covenant sign of His Covenant people.  It was never meant to be a day of organized, structured church.   The synagogue system came after the Babylonian captivity, and remained, even though Herod’s temple was built.  It is a man-made system as are church services.  Shabbat is a day to spend with Him, and in fellowship with those who love Him.  It is not a day to get all dressed up and go to Saturday church. 

In over 100 passages, the Word tells us that Shabbat is His Covenant sign between Yahuweh and His people, a statue forever!!

The keeping of it has nothing to do with being a Jew.  It has to do with obedience to our Father’s commandments.  One Shabbat, I spent 15 hours going over every verse in the Word about Shabbat.  Yes, of course, I compiled the information into a study article.

This is the eternal Covenant sign between He and His people--besides being the 4th of the 10 commandments.

It was Constantine, who changed the day of worship from Shabbat to Sunday in honor of Sol Invictus, Mithras, the sun god that he worshipped. 

All early believers were Torah observant, and kept the Shabbat and the Feasts (the outline of His plan of salvation).  Read Leviticus 23--these are the “Feasts of Yahuweh”--not the feasts of the Jews. The word for “feasts” means Elohim’s specific appointments with His people.  Remember also that  Jew” refers to the 1 tribe of Judah--there were 12 tribes. 

Believe me, your family will survive if you keep Hanukkah instead of Christmas, and Pesach (Passover) instead of the day of the fertility goddess.  If they are angry with you, just remember that He says for you to “rejoice” for you are being persecuted for righteousness sake. 

Here is a brief overview of the Calendar festivals of Yahuweh.  The Seven Feasts of Yahuweh are grouped into 3 sets of Festivals during the year.   


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The week of Pesach (Passover) includes the Feast of Unleavened Bread and First Fruits.  It is somewhere in the Roman month of either March or April.  These picture the death, burial and resurrection of Messiah Yahushua.  Messiah was nailed to the stake about 3:00PM on Nisan 14.  These 3 Feasts cover the events of Exodus 12-14.  Each event is a picture of what Messiah did for us.  For example:  When they crossed the Red Sea on Nisan 17, Pharaoh and his army were drowned and the people were set free forever from slavery to Egypt.   When Messiah rose from the dead on Nisan 17, He destroyed the power of Satan over us, and set us free forever.  Study these events and see how our Savior fulfilled each one.  It is good to enjoy a Seder supper, a Passover supper, with Jewish people, for then you can see the realities of Messiah’s death so much better. 

In I Corinthians chapter 5:7-8, Paul tells us to keep this Feast of Passover.  Paul writes that “Messiah, our Passover Lamb, was sacrificed for us”.  In I Corinthians 15:20-24, Paul says that Messiah is the “first Fruits” of eternal life.  Yahushua said, “Because I live, you shall live also”.

The next Feast is Sha’vu’ot or Pentecost.  It occurs 50 days after First Fruits. It is in the Hebrew month of Sivan, usually in late May or June, and covers 2 days.  It celebrates the marriage covenant cut on Sinai, with His people, and the giving of the terms of that Covenant (Torah). It covers chapters 19-39 of Exodus.   It was fulfilled at the coming of the Ruach ha Kodesh in Jerusalem 50 days after the resurrection of Messiah. The Ruach came so that Torah could be written on our heart, and so that we could have the power, wisdom, and direction to carry it out the terms of our Covenant with Yahuweh.  Pentecost means 50.

The last set of 3 Feasts has not been fulfilled by Messiah, but will be shortly.  It speaks of His coming for His people, and the judgment on the nations, and His dwelling with man forever.  (He will “tabernacle” with man).  These last 3 Feasts cover 15 days, and go from Tishre 1 to Tishre 15 (September/October).

The fifth feast is Rosh Ha Shanah, the New Year celebration that counts time from Creation.  It is also called the Feast of Trumpets.  It is at this Feast that pictures our Messiah’s return for us, and our receiving of our new bodies.  (I Thessalonians 4:13-18; I Corinthians 15:51-58; Philippians 3:20-21)

The second of the last three feasts is the Day of Atonement, or Yom Kippur in Hebrew.  It is the most set-apart day in the Jewish calendar.  It pictures the coming forgiveness of Yahuweh for the entire nation of Israel--both Houses.  “All Israel will be saved”!

It also pictures the judgment of the nations who have come against His people.  It pictures the future events of Joel 3 and Matthew 25:31-36. 

The third feast, which begins on Tishre 15, is called the Feast of Booths, or the Feast of Tabernacles.  In Zechariah 14:16-19, it is a feast that the whole world will be commanded to keep.  It speaks of the wanderings of the Hebrews in the wilderness for 40 years, and their living in tents or booths.  It pictures His dwelling with us forever on this earth.   Yahushua was made flesh and “tabernacled” among us.  (John 1:14)

The early Pilgrims and lawmakers of America outlawed Christmas because it was pagan.  Hanukkah and Purim are not part of the 7 feasts but are good to celebrate with the family, because they show the victory of Yahuweh over the enemy. 

Make a quantum leap out of Lucifer’s calendar, and into Yahuweh’s calendar.

Practice and enjoy the 7 feasts of Yahuweh (Leviticus 23), each one pictures a part of His salvation through Yahushua.

Keep the Shabbat in the Scriptural manner.  There is no need to follow Jewish


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tradition.  You are not becoming a Jew.  You are not embracing Judaism.  You are embracing your heritage as a follower of Messiah Yahushua.

Keep the festivals in the Scriptural manner, as the Word teaches.  If you want to add some Jewish flavoring, that’s OK—just don’t forsake the Word for Jewish flavoring.   Only two rules apply for the keeping of Shabbat: from sundown on Friday night to sundown on Saturday night, 1) you do no work, and 2) you do not you buy or sell.  You do not spend money; you do not work.  Nice!!!  You keep travel at a minimum, and interaction with others only as He leads.  It is the Bride’s day with her Bridegroom, and

He talks to us more on that day than on any other day.  That’s why He gets me up earlier on Shabbat than any other day--to have more time to talk to me.  To help you systematically study the Torah, Jewish and Messianic groups put out calendars each year, giving the Torah-portion for the week, and for the Feasts. 

In the keeping of His festivals and Shabbats, there is no money involved--no pressure, no burdens to buy for Aunt Susie, no guilt-trips on Mother’s day or Father’s day (which are also pagan holidays to the ancient world).

Also, I’m happy to announce that you should also get out of birthday celebrations, which are called “witches Shabbats”.  They honor the zodiac, and some aspects of traditional birthday celebrations actually are part of witch’s practices.

Do most Christians honor the hosts of heaven, the stars, the moon and the sun in some way?  Yes, but mostly out of ignorance.  Did you know that ignorance is no excuse for participating in the kingdom of Lucifer?  We are responsible to know the Torah, the Word, and hear from the Ruach daily, and to obey what Yahuweh reveals to our re-born spirit.   

Wow, I’ve just showed you how to save about 2,000 dollars a year.   You’ve lightened your load, and your stress level is down to zero, and you can rejoice in Him and feel His love and joy in you that you’ve come out of darkness into His light.  You’re also entered into His Covenant, and will be protected in the days to come from the deceptions that would cost you your eternal life.

For those who stay in Rome’s calendar, and Rome’s religion, will end up most likely, if they are not dead, with the “mark of the beast” system--the Roman/Babel system, and end up losing their eternal life.   Deception is strong now, and getting stronger, and if you don’t get out of it now, fast, it will engulf you, and drag you backwards. 

“To those who know to do right, and do it not, to them it is sin”. (James 4:17)  Once truth comes, if you do not embrace it and move with it, you will definitely find a death in your spirit--for truth changes one, and if there is no change of lifestyle when truth comes, then death sets in--eternal death, as it did when Adam and Eve disobeyed in order to please Lucifer’s deception.

Once you are freed from the Roman/Babel calendar, your life will become simple, less

stressful, more free, and Father will begin to guide you into more truth, and more truth.  He cannot guide us into truth, if we don’t obey the truth that we have. Obedience is the key to moving forward with Father, our precious Abba/Daddy, the Elohim of Israel, Yahuweh.  You will also have more time to spend with Him, in His Word, letting Him talk to you personally. 

For once, you get onto His calendar your desire for the Word will increase.  Your hunger for entertainment from the world will decrease greatly.  TV will become boring to you.  It’s kind of like a person coming off of junk food, and finding the joys of good food. 

Once you have gotten totally out of the Rome/Babel calendar, and are practicing


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Yahuweh’s calendar, then He can show you other areas that you need to correct, ways to get out of debt to the world system.  “The borrower is the slave of the lender”.  “Owe no man anything but love”.  Lucifer has trapped many of Yahuweh’s people in credit card debt, and other debts, so that they can’t go when He says: “GO”.

We are in the time of fleeing, and millions will flee, or try to flee, when martial law is

enacted in this country, and other countries.  We can’t even go back for our coat, Yahushua says in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21. 

So, begin to lighten your load, by giving away things to the poor, and doing the instructions that Yahushua gave to the “rich young ruler”--Luke 18:18-30.   I have very

little left of my material possessions, and can put everything important to me in a small sized suitcase.  It is time to lighten up, so that when He says “go” we don’t look around and get that vile demonic sentimentality sprit us, and like the men of old, tell our Yahushua, that we can’t “follow the Lamb wherever He goes” because we have too much debt, a stressful job, and ties that we can’t break. Only the ones who are pure of heart--who “follow the Lamb wherever He goes”--will be free to escape the judgment that is about to fall on this Babel/Rome system--centered in the US and in Europe’s banking system, and in the Vatican. 

My message to you and all of the believers, or unbelievers in Messiah, is the same as the message that Elijah gave on Mt. Carmel (I Kings 18) “How long will you hop between two opinions, if Yahuweh is Elohim, then serve Him, if Ba’al then serve Him”.  So, to the church, to the believers, to the Christian world, I cry with a loud voice:  Who will you serve--the Elohim of Israel, or the created religion of Ba’al which ended up in the political/economic/religious system of Rome/the USA/ Europe, the UN and the world government.  For Babel/Rome is not just a political system, or an economic system, but also a religions system.  The elite, wealthy rulers who run our one world government, are all worshippers of Lucifer, the Illumined one, under some shadow mystical form, or outwardly worship Lucifer Himself. 

Some of our most respected politicians appear to be good, Bible-believing Christians, but that’s the deception--“Satan appears as an angel of light”.  Satanists will tell you that their god’s favorite trick is to fool Christians by acting like one of them.  In fact, acting moral, or having a moral platform is popular, and is a good way to hide real purposes.  In fact deception can only come if a person acts one way to fool people, and then acts another way to implement their agenda. 

If so-called Christians belong to the Masons, and CFR, which is the world’s arm of the Illuminati, and the Skull and Bones, and the Tri-Lateral Commission, and the Lucius Trust, and the Theosophy Society, and the Bilderberger Group, and the G-8, which is all-inclusive (quartet to be more definite)--then one cannot be in the Kingdom of Yahuweh-- IMPOSSIBLE, no matter how good they look.   No, we can’t judge anyone’s heart, and the final judgment of all of us is up to Yahuweh.  But, we are foolish if we try to be loyal and devoted to those who are deceiving us openly and unashamedly.  This type of misplaced loyalty will cause us to be deceived by the anti-messiah. 

Babel means “confusion’.  The Romanian, Dimitru Duduman, who was sent to the US by our Father in the 80’s and 90’s to warn us of the coming destruction of this political and economic and religious Babel, asked the Father why He called America “Mystery Babylon”.  Here is the angel’s reply:  “Tell them because all the nations of the world immigrated to America with their own gods and were not stopped.  Encouraged by the freedom here, the wickedness began to increase.  Later on, even though America was established as a Christian nation, the American people began to follow the strange gods


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that the immigrants had brought in, and also turned their backs on the God who had built

and prospered this country”.

As I said before, early Law in America forbid the celebrating of Christmas, for it was Roman paganism.  Yet, when the Catholics first came to this country, they practiced these festivals of Christmas and Easter; which later unsuspecting Christians adopted as the norm.  That’s just one example.

The judgment on this nation is because we have rejected His Torah--His Ten Commandments, and He as the only Elohim. 

When the monument of the Ten Commandments was slated to be removed from the

Alabama Supreme Court House, the spokesman for the lawyers who were removing it,

said, “Because there are many religions and religious beliefs in Alabama, we cannot say, for the state of Alabama, that there is One True God”.   He was not voicing only Alabama’s governmental stand, but the stand of the entire nation’s government.  We are the most idolatrous nation on earth--the nation who has turned the worst from Elohim and His “bands” upon us (Psalm 2), because we have known the truth, and have rejected it as a society. 

The judgment of Yahuweh is upon all who break His Torah, and reject Him, and harm His people.  (Refer to my article on the Judgment of Yahuweh).  Right now, America has been experiencing for at least 14 years, the judgments of Yahuweh written in the Scriptures.  Yet, we as a nation refuse to acknowledge His intervention to get us to repent as a nation.  Therefore the prophecies of our destruction are imminent, without mercy and without remission.  We are a proud, haughty people, who can look at that preverbal warning on the cigarette box, and say, “I don’t care what God says, I’m going to do what I want to do”.   We have become “a law unto ourselves”--a rebellious, stiff necked people, made so by a counterfeit religion that says, “I can disobey all I want and grace will cover it”.  This Greek philosophy, this Gnostic teaching, of a cheap grace that tolerates willful rebellion against the Elohim of Israel will destroy most believers.  

If your heart is not hardened, then please get out of this horrible system in every possible way you can. 

Of course, He is still dealing with individuals, but He is calling individuals to repentance, to get out of His path of wrath and judgment.  When you go back to the true Savior, the Redeemer, and see what He did for us, and where we stand with Him and why, it is a total release and freedom.  Yahushua was a Jew.  He is called “the Lion of the Tribe of Judah”.  He was not a Greek or Roman.  Eastern and Western thinking is very, very different.  We must study the Word and learn our Hebrew roots, so that we get to know Yahushua, our Bridegroom.

My whole life is dedicated to setting people free, and exposing deceptions and illusions that are destroying people’s lives, especially the lives of the believers in the Messiah.  Please make copies of this article and hand out to everyone who needs this warning.  The time of the start of the end-time destructions is very, very near!!  Our only protection is in our right standing with our Father Yahuweh.  We cannot hide “in the secret place of the Most High”, if we have one toe left in the kingdom of darkness.  He can only help  those who “walk in the light as He is in the light”. 

Love and blessings to you, in Him,



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