101) Religion—Lucifer’s Detour to Ignorance and Damnation, (How Lucifer has used religion since the beginning to deceive Yahuweh’s people into really worshipping him) September 28, 2009, Updated October 7, 2009

102) Lunar Shabbat, an article by Glen McWilliams. Side issues, putting people in ditches, so they do not proceed forward by faith following the Master — tragic.

103) On Assignment, (The lifestyle of a bondservant of the Messiah) November 3, 2009

104) Letting Go, (Entering into Freedom) November 13, 2009

105) Walk the Hard Road, (A plea to adjust lifestyle in preparation for the coming Kingdom, giving wisdom from Yedidah’s personal experiences) November 2003, re-written November 27, 2009

106) Morphing Into Two Different Types of Humans, (The miraculous changes taking place to separate the people of Yahuweh from the people of Lucifer) December 5, 2009

107) Suddenly! My Final Plea to America, (A prophetic declaration warning from Abba Yahuweh to His wise children) December 17, 2009

108) The Stump, (Who is the remaining stump of Isaiah 6:13? It is very important that you know.) January 11, 2010

109) The Eight Foreheads, (Eight mindsets and attitudes that lock in one’s final destination.) January 18, 2010

110) Is There No Elohim in Israel?, (II Kings 1: A soul-searching article that exposes to us where we have put our trust) July 2003, Revised December 28, 2009

111) Time of the Quickening, (Exposing the direction of the global climate treaty--Exposing Lucifer's plans from ancient times to our near future!) December 31, 2009

112) The Great Falling Away, (Deceptions exposed that are leading Yahuweh’s people to deny truth and embrace apostasy) January 28, 2010

113) The Plagues of Ancient Egypt, (What was experienced under Moses, will be experienced in the days to come) January 28, 2010

114) Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brethren – In The Time of Famine, in the Last Seven-Year Cycle, (comparing the restoration of Joseph with his brothers to what Yahuweh is doing in our day to re-unite the whole House of Jacob) December 25, 2009

115) By This Shall All Men Know, The Paramount Distinguishing Sign of the True Remnant of Yahuweh (The most important article I’ve ever written—if you don’t get this right, you have nothing right) February 8, 2010

116) Forward March!, (an exhortation to be bold and strong in faith) February 22, 2010

117) Go ye—or—Hunker Ye? (We must go forth as good servants to do His will, no matter where we are) March 7, 2010

118) The Blood of the Lamb (How His love saves, redeems, and delivers us from all the works of the enemy) 3/10/2010

119) The Power of Praise (The key to a victorious life) March 26, 2010

120) The Anchor (Western culture was built without an anchor, based on what Greek philosophers reasoned in their own minds. Thus it is adrift and heading for destruction) April 8, 2010

121) This is the Day (The meaning behind this often quoted verse—and its links to the Great Pyramid of Giza) June 12, 2010

122) Scriptural Spiritual Warfare—Part I: Foundational Principles (Wisdom in Scriptural warfare principles that we must learn quickly) June 22, 2010

123) Scriptural Spiritual Warfare—Part II: Strategies and Cautions, July 5, 2010, Rev. Sept 22, 2010

124) Exposing the Lies of Monotheism, June 27, 2010

125) Ancient of Days, (Praise is the greatest of all weapons of Spiritual Warfare), August 2, 2010

126) Scriptural Spiritual Warfare—Part III, Sept 22, 2010

127) Erasing Yahuweh, (A look at how Yah’s people daily align with Lucifer’s world system to erase His name, His authority, His Word, and the knowledge of His nature and ways, from the earth), September 29, 2010

128) The Apple Man, (The Apple man has returned—learn who he is—for your life depends on how fiercely you reject him), October 8, 2010

129) East Jerusalem, Focus of the World—Eternal Focus of Yahuweh (Powerful study on one small area that will change the world forever) October 23, 2010

130) Royal Secrets and Exclusivity-The Thinning of the Veil, (the veil of eternity is lifting and Yahuweh is preparing a His set-apart pure ones in the “secret place of the Most High”) October 29, 2010

131) John 2:1-11-The Wedding at Kefar Cana, (A new look at the wedding at Cana, and how it relates to timing right now) November 14, 2010

132) Living From The Eternal Mind—The Secret of Never Being Deceived, (A fresh life-changing revelation from Abba) November 2010

133) Multiple Wives—Is it Scriptural? December 9, 2010

134) Esther—Details For Our Day That Speak of the Bride of Messiah, December 18, 2010

135) Life Before the Weather Channel, (How man’s dependency on man has kept him from knowing and trusting Yahuweh) December 20, 2010

136) Mixing Things That Are Not Compatible, (To the point regarding Elohim hating mixtures and His requirements for purity), January 2, 2011

137) Exposing Equinox Observance, (Another return to Babylon), March 5, 2011

138) How to Keep Functioning in Peace and Joy when Project Blue Beam does Everything Possible to Make Sure Your Mind Shuts Down for Their Takeover, (A plea to save your eternal life), April 3, 2011

139) Forerunning the False Prophet, (The way of the false prophet is now being prepared—the woman will ride the beast to power), April 20, 2011

140) How Could I Give You Up Ephraim? The Greatest Love Story Ever Told-A Study of the Book of Hosea, May 9, 2011

141) Do You Want To Be Healthy—Really? January 28, 2011

142) Detoxing Your Mind, Emotions, and Will, (The soul must be freed of spiritual toxins before we enter the Kingdom), February 6, 2011

143) HAARP — Atmospheric Plasma Weapon, (The Air You Breathe is Being Used to Take Over Your Mind and Body), May 25, 2011

144) Backside, (How following the Master now will cause Him to come along side of you in the hard days to come), August 15, 2011

145) The High Price of Compromise, (How compromise in Israel’s past, and our past, is leading to destruction if drastic measures are not done to stop it), August 23, 2011

146) Denying the Deity of Messiah, (A letter of Warning), September 23, 2011

147) Mikvah, (How can we become clean before Elohim? How can we daily be cleansed?), October 28, 2011

148) The Spirit of Burning, (The fire of the Spirit is being poured out to purge the dross from the gold. The judgment fires will shortly follow), November 3, 2011

149) Romans 11, (A study on the heart of Elohim for the re-gathering of a remnant of His people and how John 17 shows His heart for Ezekiel 37), November 8, 2011

150) Family, (a hard look at what the Scriptures say about our families), November 10, 2011

151) The Exploit People, (The remnant of His people is now rising to do exploits in the face of the coming anti-messiah), December 2011

152) Cartoons, (A shocking article on what is being done to our children), December 2011

153) Judge Nothing Before the Time, (A direct and positive exhortation to stop what is destroying us, and those around us) , April 12, 2011

154) The Soon-Coming Nuclear War – No Flesh Saved But A Remnant, (As Iran sets the stage for war that will bring WWIII, we must be aware of the details in order to prepare with wisdom—this includes two former sets of Scripture references) November 12, 2011

155) Putting The Ax To The Root of the Tree, (It’s now or never!), December 27, 2011

156) The Season of the Coming of Messiah and Yahuweh’s Judgment on the World – From the Grape Harvest to the End of the Olive Harvest, (The time frame of Yahuweh’s judgment on Israel and America, and on the world – Elul 1 through Heshvan), edited January 8, 2012

157) Evil: Crossing the Threshold, (a sequel to the Scriptural Spiritual Warfare trilogy of 2010), February 7, 2012

158) Authority Backing, (Specifics on what Yahuweh backs and what He won’t back), February 12, 2012

159) The Panic has Begun—Practical Ways to Avoid It, April 15, 2012

160) Through, (The nature and ways of Abba take us through, not out of), May 5, 2012

161) Boldness Under Authority, (Knowing our boundaries with Yahuweh), May 6, 2012

162) The Cage – A Prophetic Vision  (updated May 18, 2012)

163) The Third Day, (“The Day” lifestyle, from Exodus 19), May 22, 2012

164) Your Only Hope for Survival – The Mo-edim Lifestyle, May 30, 2012

165) Women,  (a warning word to set-apart women who want to please the Master), June 25, 2012

166) Dropping the Plumb Line—Separation, the Grief and the Joy, July 13, 2012

167) The Release of Judgment on the Nation - Shavu'ot 2012 and Current Events (July 14, 2012)

168) What is Satan After? (July 21,2012)

169) The Goddess That Rules America—Hidden But In Plain Sight, (February 2012, final edit August 20, 2012)

170) Drugged, (Comparing the condition of a person on mind-altering drugs with the general mental condition of the people of the western world), August 31, 2012

171) A Message to the Children of Light, (Watching the division between light and darkness grow more pronounced, a message of encouragement to the children of light of what is going on and to hold tight to Abba), September 11, 2012

172) Pole Shift, (a revision of the original written in May 2008), September 13, 2012

173) Worship, (the journey of the Ark of the Covenant), September 24, 2012

174) His Presence, (sister article to “Worship”), September 26, 2012

175) Sixty-six Teachings and Assumptions found in Christian Evangelical churches that have NO scriptural foundation, October 10, 2012

176) The Precious Few, November 18, 2012

177) The World, explains the incredible separation of the Covenant Torah of our Abba from the Greek-Roman world system, December 8, 2012

178) The Test of Iyob, (This is our greatest test if we want to know Yahuweh, our Creator), January 30, 2013

179) Why Do Yahuweh’s People Have to Suffer—Is There Any Good Reason For It? February 26, 2013

180) The Deceptive Pope: Mister 13 or a really short interim? (Information on the new pope that ties Him to Scripture), March 14, 2013

181) Divided to Join—The Amos 7 Plumb-Line, April 7, 2013

182) Exposing the Real Agenda of Mary Worship, April 13, 2013

183) Two Sticks Become One—The Final Deliverance—The Call of Eliyahu, April 16, 2013

184) The Ancient Hebrew Wedding Ceremony—Revised, May 2, 2013

185) Your Nature, and Corresponding Lifestyle, Exposes What God You Really Serve, May 27, 2013

186) We Played the Flute for You But You Did Not Dance, (Exposing the Vatican agenda for a renewed Inquisition), June 14, 2013

187) The Battlefield and the Ultimate Judgment, (the war of the ages has begun, and it is wise to know the enemy), June 26, 2013

188) The Sunday Laws and the Ultimate Inquisition, July 31, 2013

189) Genuine Health Care or Eugenics Depopulation Agenda?/The agenda of ObamaCare, August 20, 2009, re-edited and updated August 7, 2013

190) Exposing the Identity of the Roman Catholic Mary and the Baby She Holds, August 27, 2013

191) The Divided Truth Reasoning of St. Thomas Aquinas—How Aquinas Molded the Reasoning Process of Nearly Every Person Raised in Western Culture, September 18, 2013

192) And He Shall Confirm the Covenant with Many for One Week, September 14, 2013 (an update from October 23, 2008)


193) I Judge Him Faithful, September 28, 2013

194) What is Real Prayer? October 2, 2013

195) The Sign, Message, and Time-Marker of the Eclipses: 2013, 2014, and 2015, October 17, 2013, eve of the real Yom Kippur

196) I Live by Your Word, (An exhortation to His People), October 31, 2013

197) The Ending of the Secret, November 12, 2013

198) Joyful Abominations, the truth about Christmas, Revised December 12, 2013

199) The True Prophet, the False Prophet, and the Speculators (rewrite of 2005, The Message of the True Prophet, Dec 16, 2013

200) 2014: The Beginning of the Time of Ya’cob’s Troubles, January 7, 2014


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1 John 3: 16 -- This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ (Yehushua) laid down his life for us.  And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.