1)   Yahuweh’s Pattern of Judgment (How to identify the Father’s judgment from what man and Satan can do/edited December 28, 2007)  9/1/05 on file

2)   End-Time Babylon (America in Prophecy), 12/30/05

3)   The New World Order (An eye-opener to current reality) 12/27/03

4)   No Flesh Saved But A Remnant,  June 6, 2008 and All Flesh—Few Men Left, January 14, 2008.

5)   Daniel 8 – The Seals Are Off (From Gulf War II to the rise of a world ruler) 01/16/2006

6)   The Creation of Chaos (The answers behind the current news) 1/7/2006

7)   Edom, Petra and the Re-gathering (What is Yahuweh doing to return and preserve a remnant of His people?--Includes an important Appendix with information on the plans of the world community for Southern Jordan/Edom). 5/22/07

8)   The Red Sea Will Part Again (The world fleeing: A repeat of Exodus 12-14), 4/14/06

9)   There Shall Be A Highway (The restoration of the King’s Highway of Moses’ day for prophetic fulfillment in the last days) 11/2003

10)  Who Are The Ten? (The ten “lost tribes” of Israel have been found--Zechariah 8:10-23—and they are coming “home”) 9/25/05

11)  NAFTA and the Ten Horns (Regarding trade and economic union of the world government--the ten regions or “kingdoms” and their relationship to the world wide trading empire of Lebanon’s Tyre under Israel’s King Solomon), August 30, 2007.

12)  Mind Programming, Hidden Manipulation, and the “World Brain” (Uncovering what has been, and what is being done to us daily, to bring us into unity and subjection to the world ruler slave masters/September 2006) 09/07/06

13)  The Foundation of Deception (Exploring to the pagan roots of the religion of Christianity) Part 1: 3/03, The Foundation of Deception Part 2—I have Departed, Part 2: 06/03

14)  Hanukkah – Shocking Revelation for the Future (How this December Festival reveals our near future/last edit Nov. 2007)

15)  Passover or Easter-Which One Honors the Savior?  (A look at the pagan roots of Easter)

16)  The Ruach Ha Kodesh and Sha’vu’ot (The meaning of the Festival of Pentecost and the baptism into the Holy Spirit), 5/17/04

17)  Yahuweh’s Seven Appointments with Man (The Festivals, and how they reveal the Messiah and His Salvation) 4/18/05

18)  Are You A Gentile? (Exposing the lie: No born-again believer in the Messiah is a gentile/last edit March 2008), 12/05

19)  The Hebrew Names and Titles of the Creator of the Universe—The Father and The Messiah of Israel (A study to the roots of the pagan names) 8/23/05

20)  The Zadok Priesthood Part I (A study on the eternal Levitical Priesthood) 9/04

21)  The Zadok Priesthood Part II: Correct Intercession and Spiritual Warfare in the Garments of the High Priest--A Study from Ephesians 6:10-18 and Exodus 28 (A study in the requirement of a true Scriptural intercessor) 7/2005

22)  Zadok Part III: Elijah and Zadok Unite (A study in purity, separation, and set-apartness) 7/20/05

23)  The Beginning of Wisdom-A study on the “Fear of Yahuweh” 10/2005

24)  The Two Calendars--Simplifying the Basics (The quickest way out of spiritual Babylon—switching to Yahuweh’s calendar) 6/2005

25)  Who Will Be Left Behind? (The truth behind the “pre-tribulation rapture”) 1/23/06

26)  Warning! Warning! Warning! – Your Eternal Life Is At Risk (A warning to Christian and Messianic believers who are rejecting the Savior/Messiah) 2003

27)  Shabbat is Eternal (An in-depth study on the eternal Covenant sign of Yahuweh with His people) 3/2005

28)  The Ancient Hebrew Wedding Ceremony (How this ceremony reveals the Savior and His Bride) 5/13/2004

29)  Too Busy To Hear (The ultimate deception: A lifestyle change is radically required) 8/2003

30)  The Watchman and the Gatekeeper (Two different strategic end-time ministries to the remnant/October 2006), January 1, 2008.

31)  Walking The Hard Road (A call to let go of this world and prepare for the Kingdom to come)  11/2003

32)  The Pursuit of Excellence (Your daily choices determine your eternity) , January 8, 2007.

33)  “And His Wife Looked Back” (The tragedy of Lot’s wife that will be common in the days ahead if people don’t heed Messiah’s warning—1/’07)

34)  Faith Walk: A lifestyle of overcoming (This is a manual/study on how to walk in true Scriptural faith/January 25, 2007)

35)  Daily Flowing With His Perfect Timing – Faith Walk Part II (Without flowing in His timing, we will miss what He has for us/Feb. 7. 2007) 2/8/2007

36)  He Has Chosen the Poor of This World—Rich in Faith (Feb. 8, 2007)

37)  The Geode and the Heart of Israel (The passion of the Father)  1/16/2007

38)  Aliyah Scriptures (Reference sheet/Scriptures on Yahuweh’s focus-2/9/07)

39)  Preparing for the Inevitable (Preparation for Tribulation—Feb. 11, 2007) 2/14/2007

40)  The Cage – A Prophetic Vision  (February 18, 2007, updated May 18, 2012)

41)  The Remnant (A study on the true end-time remnant—Feb. 19, 2007) 2/16/2007

42)  Betrayal (A Major end time plague—February 26, 2007) 3/7/2007

43)  The Return of the Underground Railroad and Raising Up Moses (Two articles regarding the present passionate focus of Yahuweh and how He is bringing it to pass—Jeremiah 32:36-41--May 17, 2007)

44)  The Sign of Identification (June 2007)

45)  Vanishing Bees and the Melting Tip of the Iceberg (Weather manipulation and the confusion of creation/July 2007)

46)  Vanishing Bees Part II: Insider Information (Information on how two nations in particular have power over the weather and space) 7/16/2007

47)  Hamas, Kadima, Allah and Al Qaeda in the Scriptures (July 2007) Current

48)  Intercession – Knowing the Basics (A shortened version of the Zadok II article on intercession and spiritual warfare in the garments of the High Priest/July 15, 2007/Scripture Declaration sheet & Tribes sheet attached)

49)  The Graveyard of Dead Visions (A powerful Word from the Father to stir us to action and to reveal the emptiness of life without His passion/July 2007)

50)  The Three Levels:  Fulfilling Daniel 9:24-27 (This exciting article gives the three levels of interpreting this prophecy--giving us general timing of Messiah’s return/written July 31, 2007)

51)  Fear Tactics (Don’t be afraid of the wrong things, or the wrong people!) 8/10/2007

52)  The Shmittah Year Prophecy (The “Shmittah” year begins September 12 sundown, beginning the last seven-year cycle before the return of Messiah—companion article to The Forty Eight Hour Transition/October ‘07 last edit)

53)  The Forty-Eight Hour Transition (What history-making events happened between Sept 11th through Sept 13, 2007?) Last edit 9/19/2007

54)  The September 12, 2007 Report From Jerusalem (Follow-up on the 48-hour transition/September 13, 2007/Yom Teruah)

55)  How to Escape Confusion and Deception (October 9, 2007)

56)  Is Yahushua Really the Messiah? (October 10, 2007)

57)  Linked Arm and Arm (How fake news and other deceptions of the enemy are programming fear into Yah’s people/October 2007)

58)  Led (What does it mean to follow the Master in the Hebrew culture?) 10/13/2007

59)  Forever Settled in Heaven (The Father’s unchanging faithfulness in Creation and in His Word—What Word is the Word talking about?) 10/21/2007

60)  The Two Witnesses, the Bride of Messiah, The Forerunning Companies and the Fleeing Remnant (Characteristics of the groups that will remain) 10/23/2007

61)  Quiet Wars and Silent Weapons (What has been done to you and is being done to you-body, mind, emotions, will, and spirit/Oct. 29, 2007)

62)  Scriptural Reasons Why Yahuweh Will Judge Mankind (Nov. 1, 2007)

63)  Guard Your Salvation (Regarding our covenant responsibility/Nov. 2007)

64)  The Sunrise Lessons (Life-changing lessons taught me to by our Father while watching sunrises in Israel/September 17th -November 17, 2007) 

65)  The Preservation of the Royal Seed (The plans of Lucifer to get rid of 100% of human beings and replace them with his own image, and the Plan of Yahuweh to preserve His image and likeness in the earth/Dec. 2007)

66)  Eugenics: The Planned End of Mankind (The companion article to “The Preservation of the Royal Seed”, giving the history of Lucifer’s plans through his “science”—January 2008.

67)  The Laws of Takeover (Laws have been passed without public knowledge, even without Congress’ approval, that have life-threatening potential to the average American citizen--January 6, 2008)

68)  Facing the Anakim (The spiritual and natural giants—Nephilim—are back on earth and we must know how to face them spiritually and naturally--January 5, 2008)

69)  What on Jekyll Island Is About to Fall (The collapse of the American economy—the Federal Reserve System—the central bank system, Wall Street, and the credit system/January 7, 2008)

70)  You Can Know!  (You can know the time of Messiah’s coming, within two days/written January 13, 2008) 

71)  The Vatican and Extraterrestrials (February, 2008), May 23, 2008

72)  What The World’s Elite Are Doing to Prepare Their Ark for Coming Disasters? (A report on the Norwegian Global Seed Vault, and vaults--arks of protection of the world’s elite during the up-coming global disasters/February 27, 2008)

73)  Rewards According to Works (Scriptural understanding regarding our eternal rewards/March 2008)

74)  Famine (What is planned for us, and how we can deal with it/March 2008)

75)  False Flags (Exposing the tricks pulled on you that get you to react the your government programmers want you to react, so that you do what they want you to do/April 4, 2008)

76)  The Manifestations of the Set-Apart Spirit (Teaching on the new birth, the baptism into the Spirit of Yahuweh, and the nine gifts/manifestations of the Spirit of Yahuweh/April 9, 2008)

77)  The Time of Warning (The time has pasted for warning!  Yahuweh’s striving with man is over.  In this starkly blunt and realistic article, I give the scenario for what is, and what is to come/May 1, 2008)

78)  Pole Shift – 2008 to 2016 – Turning the World Upside Down (The Bible describes a pole shift and the scientific world is telling us the catastrophic realities that will literally turn our world upside down/May 2008) (Rev. 9/13/12)

79)  Gentle Sacrifice (How good parents sacrifice their children on Satan’s altar daily without realizing it/May 2008)

80)  Prophecy: Sobering Words From Our Father (Four prophecies and a dream of warnings and admonitions from our loving Father to save our lives)

81)  The Noahide Laws and The One World Religion (How a universal morality code will be used to herd all mankind into a unified religion/May 2008)


82) Yoked for Freedom— Messiah wants us to take His yoke, which is easy, and His burden, which light, June 4, 2008


83) The Coming of Light—Loving His Appearing (A look into the grieving heart of Messiah regarding His people who want to put off His return — a report from Europe, August 1, 2008


84) Just Acknowledge Me as Creator, August 27, 2008


85) Hated for my Name’s Sake, September 4, 2008


86) And He Shall Confirm the Covenant With Many For One Week (This short study is to answer questions about Daniel 9:26-27, and address the false teaching that a seven year peace treaty has to be signed.) October 23, 2008

87) The Eliyahu Company Newsletter, (Wisdom regarding the lifestyle of those in the Eliyahu Company)

88) The Nation of Nineveh, (For those who study with the Spirit of Yahuweh to teach and lead them into ALL TRUTH) January 1, 2009

89) Gideon’s 300, (How Yah separates), January 5, 2009

90) America’s Secret Destiny, (The root of America’s destiny exposed, showing why Yahuweh has to judge it to the root), January 26, 2009

91) Ashamed -- When Fear Dead Ends into Damnation (How being ashamed of Messiah and His words can lead to His denying us before the Father/March 2009)

92) Exposing the Roots of Rabbinic Judaism and their link to Rome - (Calling His people out of the religious systems of man. The information here could save you from religious disaster. March 16, 2009) Updated article formerly named Nail Down Your Choice.

93) Fear Operates in the Unknown, (Fear causes chaos, faith is anchored on a solid foundation/March 27, 2009)

94) Television-Beware, (a short article, but another in a long series of warnings, fear nots, and exhortations to be free of the plans that the world’s Lucieric elite have for you.) May 6, 2009

95) A Radical View of Set-Apartness-The Message and Example of Qumran, (For those who reach for the “high calling in Messiah Yahushua), June 23, 2009

96) The True New Birth, (Yahuweh's Spirit does forty things instantly, in the life of a person who puts their faith in Messiah Yahushua), July 30, 2009

97) Forty Ways that Elohym speaks to His People, January 2008

98) East vs. West, (Understanding the radical difference in the culture and thinking of the East and the West, how this affects understanding of Elohim, His Word, and needed wisdom for survival) August 6, 2009

99) Ezekiel 38 and 39, (Short study on an upcoming event) August 14, 2009

100) You Can’t Take It With You, ( Prophetic words and wisdom about the test of discipleship and the removal of His restraining force—especially for those leaving for other places) August 28, 2009


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1 John 3: 16 -- This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ (Yehushua) laid down his life for us.  And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.